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  1. I checked the website and it said it was compatible. But probably need an bios update. Do you know how i can do it?
  2. So i am very new to building computers and today i built my very first computer. Everything went well untill i tried to start my computer. After i press the power butten my rgb on my cpu fan turns on, only 1 out of 2 case fans turn on (depending wich one is in wich cpu connector) (probably broken??) my cpu fan tries to turn but it cant, my gpu spins as fast as it can and after a few seconds everything stops and it does the whole thing over and over again. I see nothing on the screen and i cant go to my boot menu an OS(since i couldnt install one). I am very new to pc building and have no idea whats going on. Can somebody help me? My specs are Asrock x470 Master Sli Amd ryzen 7 3700X Rtx 2080-super seasonic focus gold 750w corsair 16gb 3200ghz ddr4 fractal design meshify i have also tested and 1 out of 2 connecter for my fans is working and the second cpu fan connector doesnt work either. Is my motherboard just faulty? Also i hear no beeps or see no lights flashing exept the rgb from my fan and motherboard.