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  1. Have u tryed to boot from usb with windows on it and started pc repair? maybe u should install new copy of windows as u sad u havent cleand it for a year, you should try that. and you can try to swap ram memory that might be issiue, or maybe power suply, u can also run diagnostics from usb to see what is the problem.
  2. So can u help me i tryed everything but my cpu is running at 100% And i have question does windows 10 use fast boot would be this the problem? I also use code in cmd shutdown -s -f -t 0 to shut it down corectly, but nothing helps. and sorry for mistake I am new to this forum, and i watch LTT like in years so i was thinking those guys could help me about this issiue. And I forgot to add my pc is actually a laptop running 4gb of ram system shared gpu, 1.4Ghz dual core amd e1, few days ago my hdd droped dead , and i got a 240GB ssd, and installed it personaly and installed w10, and i had w10 before but no cpu issiue was the problem, only that my hdd was dying from w10 constant updates, and w7 was installed from like 2015 till now. Cheers!
  3. Hi guys!! I was wondering if u can help me. I have an issiue with my CPU. I run dual core amd e1 and I have windows 10 pro installed and my cpu usage is constantly on 100% and I try everything about that but nothing seems to work yt videos, google, nothing seems to help, I just dont know what to do. I recently upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10