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  1. Hm, thanks but there will be 2 APIs then. Will the game automatically switch to vulkan?
  2. @Samfisher so i don't need to uninstall directX? what about the games that don't let me check?
  3. Hi all, i was thinking of installing VULKAN on my computer. Do i need to uninstall DirectX for that or shall i just install vulkan along with direct X? i know some games allow you to choose the API but what about those that don't let you choose? Thanks!
  4. You will surely see some bottleneck at stock speeds with an RX 5700XT and i7-2600k in my opinion but it also depends on the games you play. At stock speed, anything higher than a GTX 1060 will bottleneck your rig. I have an i7-4790 (non-k) with a GTX 1070 and i get plenty of bottleneck in CPU intensive games like Battlefield 5, Farcry 5 and Assassin's Creed etc.
  5. Hi, I was deciding to pair an RTX 2060 with an i7-4790. Will this be a good decision or a big bottleneck?
  6. Hi, So today i was using pc normally when i ran into this problem. My entire monitor screen became like old TV static (See attachment) for 2-3 seconds and then went back to normal. This has happened to me for the second time. Any ideas about what might be causing this? Someone on the internet suggested me to change the display cable i'm using before panicking. This might be valid since the DVI cable i use seems pretty old. Other people are blaming the monitor, cable, GPU or the RAM. My PC's hardware is not VERY old but not recent as well. My LCD: Dell u2212hm 1920x1080 (16:9) 60hz My PC specs: i7-4790 16.00 GB DDR3 1600mhz MSI Gaming X GTX 1070 Corsair HX620 80+ Silver