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  1. Hello, I recently built my first new computer in around 8 years. It's quite high end and handles everything perfectly fine, even overclocked the temperatures and everything are great with stock cooler ETC. However, the build is actually not very aesthetically pleasing, the only RGB element is the side of the 2080 super and everything else is basically just black and unseeable, besides the stand-out white fans that come with the case. I want to spice up my build with some more RGB and good lighting solutions. Including some strips. My question here though: I want to replace the 2 included case fans (potentially with more than 2, just for aesthetics), and the stock wraith stealth cooler, purely for aesthetic purposes. What are some good black, or black and white, affordable, rgb, replacements for both of these? With moderate/decent performance, doesn't have to be noctua crazy or anything. and I know this is under the air cooling section of the forums, but if you could also provide information on affordable or good RGB strips for the case that would be great. Thank you! https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Prymahl/saved/#view=bjdzNG