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  1. No, brake clean is only really intended for grease and dust from brake systems. As I mentioned, you CAN use it, but shouldn't, and thats on car electronics. When it comes to sensitive components especially, forget it even exists, it leaves huge amounts of residue. The contact cleaner on the other hand yes, is mostly isopropyl. It's for this same reason brake clean isn't used when painting, great for degreasing surface, but waaaaaay too much white chalky residue is left behind.
  2. Yeah unfortunately it is soldered haha, just wondering if I should utilize my 14 day satisfaction period to order a 32gb model =P. I was thinking that may be best and not to worry too much about the CPU as I mentioned, I think it'll be overkill for me for years to come. I just was hoping that it was able to cool itself enough to be able to boost for more than just one or two seconds lol... PS that score was without the power adapter connected, which funny enough I think makes it score higher, I guess because of the thermal bonus from not charging! (First ever score was around 2550)
  3. Just a piece of advice, I work in automotive, and I can say without a doubt, NEVER use brake clean on electronics. Let alone ones this sensitive, it WILL degrease what you're working on, but will ALSO leave A LOT of residue. That's why they have "contact cleaner" like someone above me mentioned, which can be sprayed even on live electronics.
  4. I haven't messed around with any settings, I am not sure how I can tell what the draw from the CPU specifically is, but the info you've given me there does help understand a bit. That's an 8th gen i7 that you have right??
  5. Nooo, it's a new laptop. But Ill be doing software development, and web development on it. I was looking for something that could also handle CAD and similar programs. The reason I was wondering about the CPU is I want it at least a little bit future proofed. The 8 cores is probably overkill for right now, but yeah I definitely don't want to run out of RAM. I am not sure how far in the "future" 16GB will be haha, seems to already be a standard in any higher end laptop.
  6. Hello all! I am new here, this is my first post, anyways, I got a score of 2940 on Cinebench for this i9 in my Laptop. Just want to know what y'all think? 16GB 2400Mhz RAM I was also wondering if this is a CPU that should be paired with more or faster Mhz RAM? Thanks! EDIT: RAM specs