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  1. Have you folks heard of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Grease Paste for AIO system, any good?
  2. Excellent! So it is even better than liquid metal, that's great!!
  3. That is what I thought too. For Asus Rog Strix motherboard, their VRM heat sink is not very tall. Playing safe, the cooler can be located more towards the front panel, the trouble is I can't really tell just from a photo or a video. If someone has had the experience that would be more useful. Linus, would you do a review of this case/?
  4. I'm sure it is long enough, Corsair does it pretty well for the last few years. As a matter of fact, I notice that there are offset, just like the Meshify C, so it should provide sufficient clearance for the AIO(fan + radiator). I obtained this screenshot from a video of the RL06. Judging by the eyes, there should be enough room for a 52mm AIO, what you reckon?
  5. How about I place it towards the front panel, not near the rear, it's a 120mm not a 240mm? Would that be possible? I tried to search for information about this, Silverstone official Tech Spec merely says the thickness of the radiator is less than 30mm which is weird. Obviously it doesn't include the fan.
  6. Hi I want to ask about a fairly low-profile case by Silverstone, the Redline RL06. I have a 120mm H60 AIO cooler, and I want to know if anyone has the experience of fitting one at the top of the case, given the offset, would that interfere with the motherboard say if I place it near to the front panel position? Thanks for your reply in advance!
  7. He gave a very positive review of the -E board and the part I pay most attentions to is the cap's quality and the mofets. I want to know if the -F board has the same quality caps and mofets.
  8. If I place a 9600K onto a Rog Strix Z390-E, would that be an overkill?
  9. I m reading Asus website and the -F board, the information presented is much more detail than that of the TUF. So you mean TUF< ROG STRIX < Aorus, correct?
  10. You're right. On second thought I might consider Asus Rog Strix Z390 -E or -F, but I don't know the difference between both...
  11. OK, 12V rail no problem, thanks. No more overclocking support?? What about the Turbo Boost? I can live with no overclocking as I never intend to do so. But will Turbo Boost still a go with B365?
  12. Is the B365 supporting 9400F, 9600K, 9700K and 9900K? I notice that they are cheaper. But compared with Z390 what am I missing?