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  1. My cooler is 6+ years old and I have not maintained it or cleaned it regular all these years. I notice that between fins, 99% of them are blocked by dust and I don't think air can breathe through. And I want to upgrade my rig partially with a new case and an AIO. Can you confirm me one more time, am I correct that only connecting the CPU header will be sufficient to get the AIO kicked off?
  2. Jump to 02:18 and watch through to 02:29. At 02:18 I have the CPU fan header. At 02:28, I think my mobo does NOT have that header. My question is if i don't connect that cable, would the cooler spin up?
  3. Linus have done an interesting video on airflow. I have similar questions too. My case exterior is broken and my motherboard is dusted badly. So I guess I can temper the case and the fans to experiment things a bit. My case is a Bitfenix Proidgy released in 2013, it comes with 1 front 120 mm, 1 rear 120 mm. Top can accommodate 2 120 mm fan/rad. I have replaced the rear stock 120 mm fan by a powerful 120 mm fan which rotates 3000 rpm at max. As the Graphics card is positioned upright, when it releases its hot air out they tend to rise which is what high school physics tells us so. I have also positioned the 120 mm rad/fan at the top front position. When I leave the top cover open, I find the hot air from the graphics card escape from the top even though the rear powerful 3000 rpm fan pulls some of them out. So I closed the top and forced the hot air to go with the rear powerful fan. It works, the temp drops by 3 degrees which is not bad. Now I have another question which I believe you will also be concern about: If I install a front fan as intake and it has a different speed with the rear fan, let's say the front's speed is lower than the rear's, would hot air trapped inside the case and cause a warm up of the graphics card? Shall we set both intake fans and exhaust fan the same speed? If I have 2 fans at the top should I use them as intake in this scenario or as exhaust?
  4. What if dust already stick to the board, can air compressor be used to remove them?
  5. Actually I am surprised by his 570 I purchased recently myself. It's the Asus ROG Strix 4GB OC version. It comes with a stock core 1300 MHz. But it has a problem. It's very hot and sensitive to ambient temperature. Just in the last two days, I expriement with lowering the Core speed to 1170 and 1100 which reduces the temperature pretty significantly with its dual fan doing 70% out of 2260 rpm; yet I still manage to get slightly 100+ FPS in DX11 games like Railway Empire and Fortnite is doing a beautiful 90+ FPS. I haven't try the Battlefield series of games yet because of the budget issue. Just now I manage to see 2 youtube videos showing Sapphire 570 and it merely doing 60+ FPS in GTA V and other games but talking about the card was overclocked to 1380 MHz!! See it for yourself Maybe the performance varies with different vendors. Thanks for the confirmation, I am beginning to see the days when CPU computes millions of calculations before passing to the GPU to get the imaging done is long gone. Maybe, CPU one of these days are more independent from the GPU.
  6. it occupies space. AIO can make the case interior neat, I suppose.
  7. Thanks for the advice, I think other ambient noise actually make it not noticeable. By the way, I want to replace my Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO system with another Corsair 240 mm AIO or Cooler Master 240 mm AIO. But I have a question here: my mobo Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe offers only 1 CPU fan and 1 Chassis fan. Forget about the Chassis fan for the time being. When I install the new AIO, there are two cables that come with the system, do I plug the one of the two cables to the CPU fan header on my mobo and leave the other (which I believe is for RGB lightings) am I right? And would you recommend Cooler Master or Corsair?
  8. Oh I see. Maybe I have setup my current rig wrongly then. I can hear no noise from the AIO. Anyway, I am more interested to know if the two fans of an 240 mm AIO is sufficient to blow the air out.
  9. The Bitfenix Prodigy case fan is noiseless
  10. My current CPU is Core i5 3570K and GPU is RX 570 4GB OC. When it runs Fortnite with ultra settings, FPS is doing good at 60+ up to 72. I am doing an upgrade and planning to find a CPU which is a good match with the GPU. Given the performance is already 60+, if I get a 3400G or 9400F, will I be getting 100+ running Fortnite? Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Constant high temperature will shorten the lifespan of components, which is what I believe in.
  12. Great! The fan, yes, it does spin very fast above 2000 rpm and I can hear very loud especially at night, possibly because my room being small is a reason. In fact, I have installed a Furious Vardar 3000 rpm 120 mm exhaust fan at the rear and under SpeedFan, it does help 2 to 3 degrees when it is at 80% speed, I actually have recorded a game video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hg5emf3QHPM&feature=youtu.be By the way, the RX 570 is a great card, it gives me 60+ FPS with ultra settings in Fortnite!! But my CPU is a 3570K at stock speed. I suppose if I upgrade my CPU slightly to 9400F, the FPS will be superb.