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  1. Have you seen a psu like this or nah?
  2. Hey guys does anyone know if these exist? I've tried looking but can't find a modular 700w flex psu, can someone please help I want to use it for an itx build. I found the non modular versions on Amazon but I want to get custom cables so that it can fit in a 4ltr case. Thanks
  3. Bro the last guy linked the same thing and we laughed coz of the price did you see it haha? Plus that's a silly price
  4. Bro the last guy linked the same thing and we laughed coz of the price did you see it haha? Plus that's a silly price
  5. Dude no lol something reasonable not silly
  6. Hi guys can anyone help me find please a gigabyte gtx 1080 mini i want to buy one but cant find any. I live down under but have tried for a weeks looking around. I would take one from overseas too if possible and has anyone else been trying to get one and cant find them?
  7. nah i get you i was just saying i was worried that a b450 mobo wouldn't be able to handle or even bottleneck the cpu even after a bio update but am i wrong in thinking this?
  8. though i thought that even with a new bios update that maybe it wouldn't be worth getting compared to a x570 mobo cos it would struggle to keep up with a new cpu like ryzen 5-7 am i wrong can it handle it?
  9. thats a good point too minibois ill look into man cos i was thinking geez its a bit over priced especially compared to the new amd cpus
  10. oh really great thanks mate appreciate it and learned something new
  11. Hey guys im trying to upgrade my pc and dont have to much money so a core i7 6700k 6th gen is the best my h170 pro gaming mobo supports but when i go to look for one i dont know which one to get because the box doesn't say which gen/version it is can someone through a link pls for Australia and where to buy them i want to upgrade. can anyone also confirm if this is the correct one im unsure because the box doesn't flat out say it but it does say 2015 released which is the time period of the cpu https://www.amazon.com.au/Intel-Unlocked-Skylake-Processor-BX80662I76700K/dp/B012M8LXQW