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    MSI MEG X570 Unify
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    32GB (2x 16GB) Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200
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    RTX 2070 Super FE
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    Corsair 680x
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    Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB
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    Corsair 750HXi
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    Samsung 65" Curved 4K TV
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    6x Corsair White LL120
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    Corsair K95 Platinum
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    Logitech G700s
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    Lenovo W540

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  1. If you look at most of the top producers stats for yesterday, there was a massive increase in point production between 12PM & 9PM on the 25th (yesterday) Naturally I didn't even get one of those workunits, so mine is pretty average. But look at the hourly points for the entire LTT team for yesterday.
  2. Looks like my CPU got a hell of a bump too from a WU. Usually get around 250k PPD
  3. I was thinking the exact same thing when I checked on my rig
  4. Nice! What kind of PPD average are you getting? This is what I've been running my 2070 Super at.
  5. I know this will sound stupid to all of you, but I somehow accidentally OC'd my 3900x. Although to be fair, I think originally it was from turning on the game boost on my MSI Meg Unify x570 in the bios, and then one day after messing around with Ryzen Master with no clue what I was doing (I still don't) I set it to Game mode on auto OC and when it reset I kinda freaked when I saw task manager only reporting 6 cores & 12 threads. Figured out that it was Ryzen Master that was the culprit, so I clicked one of the other options and set it to default and figured all was back to normal. Well apparently not because a few weeks later I realized that my CPU wasn't supposed to have a base clock of 4.15, and when running F@H it would pin all 24 threads (or most because i set aside 2 for the GPU and other tasks) they would all run between 4.12 to 4.15 @ 1.09v Not to mention this was VERY stable as I entered the last Folding event last week and ran my system 24/7 for a week straight and thermals were between 85°-90° and peak was 93° at times. Out of curiosity, can someone tell me how to set this 3900x to all default settings just in case I ever need to lol
  6. Well here's a good relevant video to watch on the subject haha
  7. I'm just curious as to what this random On/Off switch is being used for.....
  8. Sucks for y'all, my room didn't get any hotter than 74°F lol And I've had my rig running for the last week straight and it sits right next to my bed on my nightstand
  9. I'm glad I'm not the only one who ended up using a 20ft+ HDMI cable from my rig to my TV lol I get lazy and wanted to be able to game and use my PC from my bed rather than at a desk with my monitors instead. What do you mean by it looks terrible if you go through windows so you use the TV?
  10. If i could stop getting crap WU's, I could increase that eta of the overtake. Hell, it was 1.4 YEARS 2 days ago lol
  11. I'm not quite sure how the thermals compare between processors, but I'm running a 3900x with a H115i 280mm AIO, and in addition to the x2 140mm rad fans, I've got an additional x6 120mm fans in the case. With all 8 fans, and pump running at max I see 85° on average and spikes up to 94° while folding. And those are very consistent as thats still what I'm seeing after folding 24/7 for a week straight now. Btw, do you happen to have a temp sensor to tell you what the water temp is? Mine idles at about 31°, and only gets up to about 35° (which honestly, doesn't seem right to me. But this is my first ever build so still a learning experience)
  12. My 3900x with an H115i 280mm AIO and another x6 120mm fans all running at max while folding i see on average about 85° with spikes up to 94° randomly. Wish I could get mine lower, and will end up doing a custom loop down the line so I'd love to see what others are getting, and hoping yours can get even lower than that!
  13. Like others said, contact Corsair and they should send you another. Hopefully it won't take as long as when I asked them to send me a replacement key cap for my K95 keyboard as that didn't show up for 3 months! Then for some reason another showed up 2 months after that.... But yeah, go to an ace hardware or fastenal and you should be able to find something that works for the time being. I'd suggest that over just using 3 until you get a replacement from Corsair.
  14. I think we've all encountered this BS the last couple days Idk why the WU's can't be more consistent in how many points they offer up.