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  1. So basically I turned off my PC and took out the power cable then realised my mic and keyboard were still getting power what could this be P.s. it's kinda creepy
  2. My ram is clocked at 3200 mhz and used the preset In the bios to get it to the correct mhz and makes a random low humming noise what should I do
  3. Guys I was able to find my missing cables they where underneath my sofa lol thanks for your help
  4. So I do not know what to do I lost my spare 6pin and 8pin connectors for my graphics card and kind find a replacement online what should I do I have a kolink kl600-m
  5. So basically I'm looking at aio coolers preferably with rgb but I only have a kolink fully modular 600wat PSU my specs are rx 570 8gb with ryzen 5 2600 and 16gb of ram would I be able to put a 240mm aio cooler in with no problems and still be able to get a 4.0ghz oc or will I have to use a 3.9ghz oc?