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  1. Why is this $1199? DDR3 2*8GB 2133 MHz C11 Am I missing something?
  2. That explains qvl. I got that, and it does work. I have no problem playing around in the bios. However, this leaves my original question unanswered. The promotional material advertises this ram as for Intel Z27 which I didn't notice at purchase. Does this mean anything important. Would it be worth getting RAM that advertises as AMD optimized such as this one which costs less and advertises as AMD optimized.
  3. My memory certainly isn't on there. Nor is any 3600Mhz memory. Correct me if my following reasoning is faulty: According to the motherboard promotional website, the motherboard supports overclocking memory up to 3600Mhz. I heard that ThreadRipper prefers faster RAM. Does this mean that no 3600 Mhz memory is supported atm? If so, why is my machine running? If I plugged in 8 sticks of 8gb 3600Mhz memory, would it all be usable? Thanks for the quick reply btw
  4. Specs: Motherboard: Asus Prime X399-A CPU: Threadripper 2950x Current RAM: G.Skill DDR4 TridentZ RGB 3600Mhz for Intel Z270 So I would like to upgrade my new super sick threadripper pc with more of my existing RAM I was going to buy more ( I do have 6 memory slots unfilled) when I noticed... G.Skill 16GB DDR4 TridentZ RGB 3600Mhz PC4-28800 CL18 1.35V Dual Channel Kit (2x8GB) for Intel Z270 for Intel Z270... Why???? My question is this: How do I tell if this ram is optimized to work on my threadripper PC? I would like to overclock someday. I have the money and can return my existing RAM. Also, if you could pick any RAM that would be best for Threadripper 2950x, what would that be? Thanks in advance
  5. Thank you very much. You guys are great. Is there a way to close this thread to indicate that the problem is solved?
  6. Specs: Power Supply: Corsair RM850x Motherboard: Asus Prime X399-A CPU: Threadripper 2950x GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 My question concerns connecting the power supply to the motherboard optimally. This is my first build. I have not tested any components yet. I would like to set this up so that I can add additional GPU's in the future. Attached are images of relevant sockets and manual pages. The motherboard has 3 power connectors: 24 pin: EATXPWR 8 pin: EATX12V_1 4 pin: EATX12V_2 The corsair cables do split from 8 pin to 4 pin. I plugged them in, but 4 of the pins are not connected anywhere. My Questions: Should I connect to all three ports like I did? Are they all needed. If so, is it OK for the extra 4 pin connector to dangle like that? Does it matter where on the power supply I connect these? Thank you very much for your time.