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  1. When I try to do that it says: MBR2GPT: Attempting to convert disk 0 MBR2GPT: Retrieving layout of disk MBR2GPT: Validating layout, disk sector size is: 512 bytes Disk layout validation failed for disk 0 MBR2GPT: Conversion failed
  2. So I want to covert bios to uefi and I can't because I have a 2 recovery partitions Is this safe? https://andreagx.blogspot.com/2017/11/mbr2gpt-validatelayout-too-many-mbr.html
  3. I think ill go for a 2600 since i dont have much money to spend rn
  4. My buget is around 100-150€ and i have a Asus TUF B450-PRO and i will use it for gaming
  5. As the title says what am4 processor should i get to pair with a gtx 1660ti?
  6. I was thinking should i upgrade my i5 4430 for my gtx 1660ti because i fear that it might bottleneck a little bit.