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  1. I installed everything. ICUE sees my ram and in icue i can change ram rgb. In aura i can only change motherboard, and not the cooler.
  2. I have installed iCUE and iCUE plugins, but aura doesnt see my ram. andi cant do anything with cpu cooler. it doesnt work.
  3. Yes i plugged it in adressable header. Yes, asus aura utility.
  4. I have Asus Rog Strix x570 E motherboard, and 2x16gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro. But i cant sync them together, because Armoury crate doesnt find ram. And I dont know how to sync with Wraith spire cooler.
  5. I want x570 for PCIe 4.0, and i can get strix x570 e for about 250€ without tax. So i am looking at 350€ for 3700x at my home store, for 3700x. 250 for strix e and about 100€ or 120€ for psu. I want modularity because of visuals. Will i be good with 650w for maybe 3900x, x570 strix-e, 2x6tb hdd 7200, 2x 1tb nvme m2, 2x 2tb ssd evo plus, and somrthing like rtx2080ti in future?
  6. I am from Slovenia. I have something like 650 maybe 700€ for finishing my build. I will be savaging my old GPU Asus Turbo GTX1070 as it will be enough for my needs. Pc will be for video and photo editing, designing in adobe programs and weekly gaming. I will be sticking for now with stock cooler and maybe later upgrade in something else.
  7. Why isnt be quiet! Full modular 750w 80plus gold PSU good enough? It is only 40€ or 50$ more for 3800x, thats why i am leaning into it. Or maybe i will stick with 3700x and get better board. I have looked at it, and i am really satisfied with this board on paper, but i am not sure if i am ready to spent that much.
  8. I am building new pc in next week. I have already at home brand new case Fractal Design Meshify S2, samsung m2 nvme evo plus 1tb, corsair venegance rgb 2x16gb cl16 3200mhz ram. In next week i will buy r7 3700x or 3800x(not sure, i am going to be depending on price), be quiet! Full modular 750w 80 plus gold(mistyped*) PSU. I am really not sure about which motherboard should i get, i can spend about 200€=220$, if its neccesary i could go for 70€ more. I want x570 chipset, because of pcie 4.0. I want better audio, 2 of m2 slots, good MB for next gen CPU: 4900x or 4950x and good reliable board. Maybe overclocking in the future.
  9. Here is a link from a store in my country: https://www.altstore.si/ this is store which has the best prices. https://anni.si/ https://www.bigbang.si/ https://www.mimovrste.com/ If I have 8gb ram enough for my job, i will be happy. If i could get 16gb, it will be only better. I would like to have ips screen or something with good colors. Battery life isn't so important or at least 4hours, i have 25000mAh powerbank, but i would need a usb-c charging laptop for that.
  10. I was looking at razer, but i couldn't afford giving so much money at laptop that it will probably not payed for itself.
  11. I was looking at 256 or 512gb version, i will use external ssd and hdds for storage. I already have desktop for this kind of work, but i need something to use on jobs when i am not home.
  12. Hello. I am looking for a laptop, that I will use for adobe programs like Ps, Il, Ind, Lr, and so on. I am looking at 13.3 to 14inches max. I would love to have i7, and at least 8gb ram. Also a dedicated graphics wouldn't be a bad idea. This laptop is going to be my on the go, and i have a pc at home for larger jobs. The budget will be around 1000, maybe 1200€ at max i can do, if it could be less for my needs, i will be happy to spare some money. I am from Slovenia, Europe. I was looking at some Dell XPS 13, Asus Zenbook 14 with screen pad, and Lenovo X1. But i am not sure what to get.