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  1. So what you recommend me is to try to overclock that 3000mhz RAM as much as I can? Will it be easy in a B350 motherboard? What else should I try in order to get the max potential out of the zen+?
  2. In that case, which graphics card upgrade would you recommend me? I'm looking more for used cards.
  3. I already have all of them but I want to sell worst one for gaming. Also, which graphics card would you recommend me to upgrade to?
  4. I've been doing my own research for a while now and I can't get an answer. I think the i7 and the i5 are better in single thread therefore they will perform better in most non new games (is that right?). I want the CPU exclusively for gaming and I don't think I'll stream. I can OC both i7 and i5 but it will be hard to OC the R7 because the motherboard has B350 chipset. I'll have good airflow and I bought heatsinks for the VRM tho. My GPU is GTX 1660 and I play 1080p 144hz but I might upgrade to a 1070 or a 1080 (ti?). If I upgrade to a 1070/1080 (ti) which processor will bottleneck the GPU the less? I think the R7 but only because of the DDR4 RAM. One more thing to mention is that I'm looking more for FPS stability rather than unstable FPS. Is there any way to achieve that? RAM for the i7/i5: 2x8 1600mhz CL9 RAM for the R7: 2x8 3000mhz CL15 PSU: Corsair 750W 80 plus gold. The other PC will be sold so I can upgrade from the 1660 to the 1070/1080 (ti?) Thank you!! Pd: it's i7 non K, i5 non K and R7 non X.
  5. I only posted it in a friend's house because I don't have RAM. I don't have the case neither. If you want, I can do a little update when I try it.
  6. First, I tried if it worked without these two pins, but it just would not post. I tried inserting two pins from an old AMD CPU into the MB socket so it made contact with the CPU, but it woulnd't post neither. It took me a while to get all the necessary items to fix it: soldering station (with flux, tin, etc.), 0,3mm copper wire, an AM4 socket motherboard to test it... I followed the same steps than this video: Here are two pictures of the fixed pins:
  7. Hehehe That won't happen!! I won't spend more than the 30€ I paid for this motherboard XD
  8. By the way. What RAM do you recommend me?? I haven't bought it yet. I want 16GB. I was thinking about 2x8 3000-3200 mhz pack.
  9. It's a 2700 non X. And why do you keep saying it's A320 chipset if Gigabyte says it's B350?
  10. Thank you!!! And about what you guys are discussing, do you think it's possible to OC it if I update the BIOS to the lastest version? And if not, is the "turbo" a decent alternative?
  11. I'm trying to find one in Ebay and Aliexpress but I don' really have any idea what to search for. Could you send me a link please?
  12. Thank you for your tips. Honestly, it would be a a big loss to burn that motherboard. I got it for just $30 to test if I can run this ryzen 7 2700 with two broken off pins. What about buying a VRM heatsink? If it's even possible, how do I have to choose it?
  13. Hello. So my question is: how safe would it be to do an slight OC (3,9-4,0 Ghz maybe?) to a Ryzen 7 2700 on an A320M-S2H V2 that has a B350 chipset? I'd use the stock heatsink, but I might get one if necessary. If it's not safe at all, what is the cheapest motherboard that could support 2700 OC properly? I was thinking about the MSI B450 Gaming Plus MAX (+-80€ in Spain). PSU: Corsair TX750M Gold Plus Thank you.