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  1. @Moonzy No lags so far, that's it (hopefully). Thank you!
  2. Should I download it from Nvidia website or will Gforce experience do the job?
  3. Something happened to my laptop and I need help. So I was playing Hearts of Iron 4 and I left the laptop for hours, when I returned the game crashed, I tried to close the game normally, but that didn't work, neither could the task manager handle this task, so I was left with no choice but to click on the power button and shut down the laptop by force. When I launched the laptop again, the problem was over, however another problem started, every time I open a simple game/program, fps drops happen all the time (not permanent tho, every like 2 mins it comes 20 secs and disappears). This problem happened to me before, and I solved it by formatting the whole PC (to the point where it asked me what Region and language do I want), so with this problem happening again, you can imagine how sad and disappointed I am. Is there any other solution aside from doing a complete format? If formatting is the only way, do I have to format all the files or can I keep them? Thanks for your time
  4. UPDATE: I formatted the PC and the fps drop disappeared, maybe the reason was having too many apps running in the background, or a virus, or some kind of unwanted software. But yea, I'm so glad I can run my games smoothly, moreover, the temperature barely peaks at 74c! Anyways, thank you guys for trying to help.
  5. It must be an HDD, however, I have been gaming on this laptop for like 3 years and this lag never happened.
  6. I use MSI afterburner, it never went above 80c,
  7. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz NVIDIA GeForce 930MX Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 8.0 GB RAMS Windows 10
  8. if you mean my operating system, then it is windows 10 and up-to-date. I don't believe the problem is heat-related since it hits as soon as I enter the game (I mean before the laptop starts heating up). Power limits... I never changed any settings related to it so this can't be it, I also made sure that I am running on full performance and no battery saver thingy is on. The drivers... maybe, should I update them?
  9. So I recently started experiencing a weird type of lag. Once I enter a game, everything goes smooth, a minute later, a sudden fps drop hits the game, not only the screen lags, but the sound too. It usually lasts for like 30 secs. In games like GTA V, it is not a big deal since it only happens once. However, it might be unbearable when it comes to games that require changing the map frequently like Overwatch. If I enter a map, it lags... when I return to the menu, it lags... when I enter a new game, it lags. Do you have any idea where the problem is from? And how to fix it?
  10. Well, my friends recommended me to buy a laptop cooling pad. But I won't unless the temp reaches a dangerous zone that affects my PC gaming performance / lifespan
  11. Nvidia 930 mx What about 80? does it shorten the life span?
  12. Greetings! Recently, I noticed that my laptop is heating up a little while gaming (overwatch), so I decided to keep an eye on the GPU temperature to see how bad it is, Overwatch offers an in-game temperature monitor (just like the fps and ms), but it doesn't make sense, it seems inaccurate. So my first question is: What app do you recommend me to use to observe both fps and temperature (also, I want it to be a simple app that doesn't affect the PC performance) My second question is: what is the safe-zone when it comes to the GPU temperature? Thanks for your time!
  13. I'm sorry, I used the wrong word, he means I should not treat my laptop like a desktop.