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  1. I was running the latest drivers. Thanks though.
  2. Thanks for your advice. After dusting and replacing thermal paste, I set up the adapter to use two separate Molex lines and that solved the problem. I stress tested on factory settings and no problems, also benchmarked with games and no problems so far. It even reached about 70 degrees C, higher than before. It could be the paste change, but it's probably just heating up because it's now able to run as intended before crashing (right?). Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone. I bought a used MSI RX 580 Armor 8G OC recently, but I'm having problems with it crashing. My current PSU is a fairly new 500W Thermaltake TT-500NL2NK-A, I'm using a dual Molex to 8-pin because the PSU only has a 6-pin (the GPU is rated at 185W). The system runs fine without the card, but when playing games it'll run well but eventually the monitor will cut to no signal and restart after a moment. I've tried under-clocking power and clock frequency to 70%, but it still crashes. The temperature is never over 65˚C, so I'm thinking it must be the card having a fit over its power supply, because it only seems to become unstable under heavier loads when it needs more power. It crashed when I ran a graphics stress test. I might try a dual SATA to 8 pin adapter as well. The card was quite dusty (probably used for mining), so I've cleaned it out and I'm going to reapply thermal paste soon because it needs it (buying Noctua NT-H1). What's the verdict? Is it the PSU or something more sinister? Should I try under-clocking other settings (memory frequency, or voltage - voltage is greyed out on afterburner), I'm new to OC. As it stands, I don't mind under-clocking until I decide to invest into a new PSU. I bought a card more powerful than I need at the moment, to future-proof. Thank you to anyone who can help! CPU: i5 6600
  4. Thanks for your help everyone, it makes sense. I'll stick to buying a non-overclockable CPU.
  5. Hello everyone I'm wondering if anyone can advise me about overclocking the CPU (i.e. a core i7-6700K) on an Asus B250M-basalt MB (BIOS version 1206). I bought the board secondhand, so I don't have the manual, and for whatever reason information and support online seems non-existent.. Does this MB support overclocking? Has anyone overclocked on it before? The offical CPU support list (and other MB info) can be found here: https://www.asus.com/supportonly/B250M-BASALT/HelpDesk_CPU/ If an overclockable CPU (I'm considering buying a i7-6700K) is in the support list, does that mean the MB supports overclocking it or just running it? Many thanks to anyone who can help!