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  1. do you guys Enable Force GPU Rendering and Disable HW overlays for gaming at the developer's settings? does it improve or make it worse? can someone explain to me what exactly they do?
  2. ahh i wish i've discovered this kinds of thread, anyways ima book mark hot deals section LOL thanks OP
  3. lack of content. not that much of a grind. EXCEPT making a good 3* into 4* to unlock their potential. its like summoner's war with less content and stuffs but pokemon. coop-op is meh. never had issue of it crashing this game needs abit of good mid rage phone, to avoid issues like samsung a30 specs and up.
  4. different chipset there's two chipset for this phone Mediatek MT6771 Helio P60 & Mediatek Helio P70. more info link below. https://www.gsmarena.com/mediatek_unveils_helio_p70_a_faster_version_of_the_p60-news-33871.php in game settings of Mobile Legends GFX Tool CPU throttling Heat due to Case else let them replace that phone ASAP, tell them that you have issue with its performance and compared it with the same exact model. it should be covered in warranty since its not physically damaged.
  5. i'm assuming the display only that shows the actual content not including the body. Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s Samsung Galaxy A2 Core Samsung Galaxy On6 Nokia 4.2 Nokia 3.1 A and C Oppo F7 Youth Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Sony Xperia XA2 Most Panasonic Phones Xiaomi Redmi 6 Xiaomi Redmi 6a Google Pixel 3a Google Pixel 3a XL Apple iPhone SE most phones that is smaller have lower specs and you might not like it.
  6. you forgot 1 thing, how it manage to use all CPU/GPU under heavy load like gaming for example pocophone f1 have great SoC but throttles to 70 to 60% processing power due to heat while gaming or doing other intensive stuff. best one with data are ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 Xiaomi Black Shark 2 OnePlus 7
  7. still depends on your habits, settings you changed and default out of the box software optimization. i'm also seeing a lot of reports/comments that the battery drains soo fast for some reason on the note 10 (non +) specially Exynos variant. to somehow fix the standby time for this one you need to manually set the network mode to 3g only or 4g only, no (auto connect) you can also just search in youtube like "note 10 vs iphone xs max battery test" or "Galaxy Note 10+ vs. iPhone XS Max Speed Test" something like that. depends on your needs, wanted to try out samsung ecosystem and their software while close to flagship feel go for A70. whats its good for its Amoled, battery, included same fast 25w charger as note10+, and brand. what it lacks vs note10+ no wireless charging, dex mode, s pen, stereo loudspeakers, OIS. go for note10+ if you want to have all fancy SoC stuff and money is no problem sure go ahead. but be warned its expensive, no headphone jack, does not include 3.5mm audio dongle.
  8. The List of Good Games that i'm currently playing or that I've already finish playing. OFFLINE GAMES Muse Dash Arcaea Eternium Kingdom Rush Vengence Life is Strange Life is Strange Before The Storm Bardbarian Final Fantasy 4 Final Fantasy 4 After Years Final Fantasy 9 Brothers a Tale of two Sons Grimvalor Chaos Rings 3 Grand Theft Auto Vice City Grand Theft Auto Liberty Stories Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Space Marshals 2 The Room Old Sins Tiny Troopers 2 Special Ops Valiant Hearts The Great War Minecraft Story Mode (ALL) Witch Spring 1 Witch Spring 2 Witch Spring 3 Epic Conquest The Bard's Tale NBA 2k14 Fearless Fantasy Brandnew Boy Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Origins Iron Marines Nimian Legends : BrightRidge OPUS: Rocket of Whispers EMULATOR PPSSPP DraStic ONLINE (gets a good active guild/clan/group to get full competitive experience out of online games) Honkai Impact 3 Ragnarok Online Eternal Love Epic Seven Mobile Legends Onmyoji Arena Onmyoji Azure Lane Heart Stone King's Raid Another Eden Dota Underlords
  9. not sure what's "normal" to Linus may differ to others. the video and the OP lack to provide us the Following: what EXACT settings he uses on his Samsung Phone. what apps he uses and its permission(s). what is Linus habits on using the phone, more details how he uses his phone. I usually turn off NFC, GPS (Location) and Bluetooth and only turn them on when needed. This is what I do on my personal Samsung phone which is Samsung Galaxy A70 and previous android devices that I've owned. 1. Location (GPS) one of the main culprit is apps that use location (GPS) at the background even your phone screen is locked. I turn off GPS when not needed, as some apps does use GPS even locked like opera mini browser. if you want to use location all the time for apps go to app permissions and only enable it to certain apps that deems to be of use. Like Camera for geo location tagging, and google maps. disable it on apps that I don't see the benefit enabling it like Samsung note, Messages, Samsung Members I'm sure you guys get the idea. 2. Data. only enable on specific apps that i would need for data like google maps, youtube, social apps that i actually use for contact like facebook messenger, whatsapp, viber and online games. disable apps like Bixby routine, Media Storage, MTP Host, Samsung Experience (I don't know why these turn of by default for data but I don't mind them if its over the wifi) 3. Always On Display I usually don't glance the phone, I pick it up and use finger print to unlock it sees notification or time, locks it back and into the pocket or table. I don't want other people glancing on my phone for my notifications or time. 4. Gesture Stuff (lift to wake, double tap to wake, easy mute, palm swipe to capture, smart alert) 5. NFC only turning it on when gonna use it 6. Phone Visibility only turning it on when gonna use it for wireless transfer or sync with other device. 7. Bluetooth only turning it on when gonna use it for Bluetooth headset or speakers. 8. Bixby Stuffs (i don't use it and i turn it off) I usually have 30% left by the end of the day. 10% if I lost track of time and gamed a lot. Hope this helps track down whats eating his battery. on iOS side i only do Number 2, even if i leave everything turned on data, gps, bluetooth, wifi my standby usage doesn't drain much.