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  1. Oh btw im using an MSI optix mag 241
  2. Hello there... Im not really quite sure on how to explain this but it goes. Im having this issue, where while im playing. I would experience that when my character moves or anything in my screen moves that there will be trail of color on its movement. Its like an aura something like that. It dissapearse when i stop moving. It doesnt happen all the time though. Sorry for the confusing explanation. Hope somebody knows about this. Thank you
  3. Its a brand new mobo. Just bought the desktop a month ago. The steelseries arctis 5 has good reviews i think. And im on a budget. Haha. Cant afford those 400$ headphones. Haha
  4. Thank you for your comment. So using the usb adapter is a bad choice. In using old headphones with the splitter. I think the volume got affected. I play PUBG. And and feel like im having a hard time with the audio. If the splitter is the way to go. Do you have any recommendations which brand of splitter is good that doesnt dimishes both quality and volume?
  5. Oh yes. I think the volume got affected when i used an adapter. In using the usb adapter. Will it affect quality or volume?
  6. Hello there, Im planning to buy a new headset. My concern is, my desktop has like two slots, one for audio, one for the mic. Im using an adapter (one female to two male 3.5mm jack) since my old headphones only has one jack. I feel like it diminished the sound quality since im using an adapter. Im planning to get the Steelseries arctis 5 and i believe it only has one jack also. So im concerned that i might buy a new one and the sound quality wont be great because of the adapter. Thanks in advance.
  7. So is it worth noting that my 512gb m.2 is already half occupied and im using kapersky thats why its taking 30 seconds to fully boot?
  8. Hello there again. So i saw the socket numbers for the RAM. Its 4231. I tried to do socket 1 and 2. Still taking around 55 seconds and 15 seconds for the mobo to light up and 15 seconds to go to windows. As for using socket 1 and 3. It takes 10 seconds for the mobo to light up and another another 20 seconds to totally open windows. So 30 seconds for a fresh boot on an 512gb m.2 nvme
  9. In total i have 4 slots. At first they were slotted right to each other in the left side. So i changed them both the right side. And yes they are still beside each other.
  10. So now upon pressing the power button. It takes around 30 sec for it boot up to windows. Is that ok? Or still too slow?
  11. Hey there, it got fixed. I changed the slot of the RAMS to the other slots. And it worked. But does that mean that the previous slots have problems?