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  1. I can't get it in recovery no matter how long I press the home and power button, it just turns on and off it's weird
  2. Hey people ! So this iphone a friend of mine gave me to repair, is unable to power on, and if plugged, itunes prompts me to restore/update the phone. The issue is that it seems to struggle to apply the update and is still unable to boot. I was just hopping someone might be familiar with this issue, thanks !
  3. Yeah I am. I mean it would have catch fire already
  4. Hey guys, my problem isn't really tech related, but I have my hotplate wich has burned switches (and not working). I hoped one of you may have electrician skills: I need to know wether I but new switches or if there is a way to clean them. The switch is made from few metal pieces wich make contact with each other, and most of them are burned. The switch model number: 50.57021.010