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  1. I just installed Windows 7 Ulimate. I made a 19.53 GB just install it on there when I got done installing it setting up. I deleted the old drive that had Windows 7. Now it says Unallocated Space andnI can't switch to the one that has Windows 7 to make the (R:) Bigger (91.77 GB to the 19.53) just wondering if this is possible. Thanks Forms
  2. When the form says don't upload image because it may contain copyright stuff I don't upload images because there going to be taken down even if you don't show any LOGOS... Linus Tech Forms Becoming YouTube Cooperation. LMAO...
  3. LOL I new I would get some sh*t out of that damit LMAO
  4. Dear Form, Am a big fan of Linus Tech Tips will Linus Sebastian I never thought it would be possible for a guy to create a industry over YouTube. Its like his own kingdom and he has the key to the candy store sound Familiar I got that off Steve Jobs Move I think it was the Candy Store Part on that Movie... Any way he like very cool his swag is killing it and everything else LMAO but am trying to be straight forward and don't want to be a nerd at the same time. But I wish I can meet Linus or talk to him one talk will a conversation with him. His Videos are Killing it I hope he sees this post. Sorry for being a Biggest Nerd Out There Linus. You are a Cool Dude and I can't wait to see more up coming videos... Keep up the great work...
  5. Thanks I Just Installed Linux Mint 17 XFCE. Am Kinda Upset With Windows Right Know... But)
  6. 1.) I used bleachbit to clean computer 2.) I get an error about logs or some kind of error am not really sure... (Note : Did not Screen-Shot it) 3.) Storage Device is displaying I have under 1 GB left of space on Hard Drive ??? 4.) Was trying to determine what was using all of my space. (Note : Still Don't Know What's Causing it!!!) 5.) Took Some Screen-Shots Made My Account For Linus Tech Tips Forms and Making a New Topic What is Causing this issue.... Thanks Forms