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  1. Thank you. This would be a perfect solution, im just really keen on 1440p and i know the 1070ti will handle it. Just a funny note for you, my monitor is so sh*t its bottlenecking the whole rig so you have got a strong point at the monitor thing. I really appreciate the idea
  2. I have a 1070ti, and planning to change. Just for you to know, im rockin amd 2600 non x version, 16 gb ram, real monster pc. Playing rainbow 6, bf V subnautica and cool games like that. I wanted vr glasses since it first came out. I have a 1050x1680 60hz monitor ( piece of nightmare) and i definitely want to change it. Also i want to replace my 1070ti with sg beefier, rather rtx 2070 super or gtx 1080ti. Now im asking u that what would you do in my case. I would love to play games at 1440p 144hz (gsync maybe), but also love to play vr games. What is your opinion?