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    Some Generic 8gb Stick
  • GPU
    GTX 980
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    2tb Hdd Seagate
  • PSU
    500w 80+ Bronze Areocool
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  1. thdevi

    Power To GPU

    can i just wrap it up then if it mealts its not everywhere
  2. thdevi

    Power To GPU

    980 my friend has been using a molex to 6 pin for almost a year and it worked fine and he has a 980 also
  3. thdevi

    Power To GPU

    Is Mine Crappy https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00JKVHKSU?pf_rd_p=330fbd82-d4fe-42e5-9c16-d4b886747c64&pf_rd_r=Q6SYC9XRT7F12AZ5RK0Z
  4. thdevi

    Power To GPU

    how long did yours take to meal or your psu dying also its a 2xmolex to 6 pin if that makes a differance
  5. thdevi

    Power To GPU

    why what will happen? also its not perminant just for a few weeks
  6. thdevi

    Power To GPU

    I know i have enough power to power it iv ordered a molex to 6pin for it which apparently will work
  7. what would happen if i plugged a 6+ 2 into a 8+6 Slot on a gpu would i just not get a signal
  8. Oh No Sorry I Meant For My Motherboard
  9. I was reading a thing that said that for my gpu to work i might need to update my bios i cant find a update for my bios anywhere any help is apreciated Mobo: CM6330_CM6630_CM6730_CM6830_M11AA-8
  10. Ok I Know My PSU Has Enough Power Just I Dont Have The Money Right Now To Buy A New PSU It Will Only Be Temporary
  11. Well I Just smacked my case with a hammer to get the gpu in
  12. https://www.amazon.co.uk/AeroCool-Integrator-Efficiency-Mainstream-Systems/dp/B07BH1G1H2/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=aerocool+500w&qid=1567184238&s=computers&sr=1-5 my brother does it fine but i want some advice before i do
  13. I Just Got A GTX 980 And my psu only has a 6+2 cable now i was thinking about buying a 2xmolex to 6 pin adapter such as this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07R4LQ7C5/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item Do I Get It
  14. Would Anyone Say Its No Longer Worth Getting A Hard Drive For Gaming Or Should I Spend More And Get The SSD