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  1. I think it is coil whine, sounds different than coil whine I've heard before, this is more of a static sound then a whine or squeal, but it follows the other symptoms of coil whine
  2. I have this problem!!! God I hate it I'm using onboard audio and rtx 2080 or gtx 970 both do it, GPU located other side of desk
  3. RTX 2080 First using TT tought power grand 1050 now on Corsair RM 650 same with both
  4. So ive noticed my GPU is making a static / buzzing while underload. doesn't sound like a 'whine' more like interference
  5. Working on the audio feedback I switched speakers, in doing so I noticed I could hear the sound more "naturally" from the PSU, seems as if the noise starts there and goes into the speakers when on, and as the GPU/ PSU draw more power the noise goes up.
  6. That's not fun, I've only had up a week, after having to rebuild it because of the bad pcie risers
  7. Spent time with Nvidia help chat, did DDU, furmark holds now 140+fps and reached 64c for 20mins. Haven't tried a game yet
  8. its located outside of the desk, on the backside, cooling fan?
  9. its a TT 1050, water cool. temps are good. was at 60c when furmark froze, gaming I usually don't see over 45c
  10. Well the mesh door on your microwave keeps that shit from melting your face off
  11. If it was just the audio problems and feedback I would not be as worried as I am. The usb, and the FPS and shit bother me more, and make me worry my pc is hurt. On the troubleshooting side I just ran FurMark it was doing 140sFPS I walked away for 10mins came back it was doing 120s-135FPS at 60c and then FurMark froze. PC didn't crash or restart Subwoofers are removed ATM and no audio is powered.
  12. well don't steel PC cases protect from emi?
  13. all the research I did before had said that HDD was the only thing to worry about, and that if the magnets didn't hold metal to the side of the desk it was enough distance
  14. HDDs are on the wall behind the desk. haven't had any issues with them really. Like I just said I am pretty determined to get this to work properly, ive spent months building it. is there some shielding I could use? even if I have to screw sheets of steel above the subs or under the Mobo I will.