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  1. I did what that site says for event viewer, it only isolated & showed me the kernel power events that the shutdown was unexpected, heres the full list of events I just got New Bitmap Image.bmp
  2. Well I ran Memtest86, no errors. The cheapest way to make it test bench ready is barbed fittings & soft tube, then I don't have to take any blocks off. Then I could test without the PCIE risers & the Cable extensions. But since I don't actually have a test bench, that also would be an ungrounded system. So before buying the fittings & tube. ive grounded my mobo to the outlet, one wire from a mobo screw that looks like it has a trace to the grounding connection, to a loose ground post I saved off a extension cord, soldered on. Its running, no restarts so far, and it didn't blow up
  3. Havent had time to try Control. PC has been restarting while using Edge, multiple times today.
  4. Everything did work before I put it in the desk, and the only new parts are the extensions and risers But almost everything is 3 years old also. And not grounded case?
  5. I'm really trying to avoid having to run it out of the desk on a cardboard box, test bench style, because I have no cpu air cooler and I'm on hard tube, and I'd have to put the GPU air cooler back on again. That would remove the pcie risers and the cable extensions, but idk... How would that cause windows to shit on explorer and random restarts when not under high loads I did have some bad risers from some off company and they wouldn't even load windows or would crash within seconds of desktop.
  6. Skimmed that tips article, I will do it later. Seems like it might say something I've not seen? Based on what that site says. I've just ordered 2*8gb ram and a new HDD, today after work I'll try control without any HDD in. I could run on board graphics but idk if the problem will arise or not because the less power and such or if the parts are bad themselves. To many variables
  7. There are logs that I can't get rid of at startup, even after multiple windows installs, even over a formatted drive, I get permission error logs, not on the PC ATM I can't specify. But at the time of restart / crash it doesn't say anything other than the shutdown was unexpected
  8. I literally asked what was it I should say. Im not withholding, idk what else to list lol. I'm on a Corsair 650w Asus Maximus formula viii 6700k only OC is the Asus always boost to 4.2 Water cooled custom loop 2* 360 both push pull ekwbs Rtx 2080 FE no OC 2*16 gb g.skill M.2 sata controlled (not nvme, just had the Samsung nvme die far quicker than I expected, this WD claims best lifetime) Windows boot drive 3hdd various brands and sizes Using cooler master cable extensions 2 phanteks pcie risers and 1 TT riser (desk PC mb and GPU on opposite sides)
  9. Already have new HDD in the mail, and I know some of my drives are pretty old, using 3 HDD and my 3 year old m.2 Samsung just died and the HDD are the same age or older. At this point I'm just gonna copy everything to the new 6tb off all 3 and just use them in my backpack PC. Then I'll have all my shit in one place for once also
  10. Do you think the HDD could cause the whole system to fail like this? Windows is on ssd m.2 not HDD. Ive also copied control over to the SSD will be playing it without any HDD hooked up tomorrow
  11. Ok well I just ordered a new 6tb, if I have to replace my Mobo + CPU now I'll have a whole new PC
  12. Corsair 650w, same issue with a TT 1050 also. Im in a mdf Desk (lack of ground?) its got ROG armor, plexiglass tray under it so pretty sure nothings touching the Mobo. But could it be caused by not being in a metal case? some people have suggested it, only to have others laugh at the idea that, because the PSU is grounded.
  13. Ive tried 2 PSU, using a coolermaster cable extension kit, and PCIE risers