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  1. Well i have some news, I have an NZXT H440 and as you all know it has these LEDs above the I/O Shield, with the PSU connected and on they wouldnt turn on, si i got the PSU out, followed the PSU Paper clip Test on corsairs website aaaaaaaand no fan spinning, no led getting power etc, so i guess its the PSU, strange thing tho is, that the mobo got some power, as the PWR LED turned red

  2. that's a little worrying, because the chart describes that as "not used"

    when i try to clear cmos or Patch error on my tuf detective, nothing happens either, i pressed the bios flashback button and it turned on, where can i find what the LEDs on the Board mean? in the manual it only states that the PWR LED can be green


    Edit: physically removed the cmos battery for a minute, didnt change anything

  3. Hey Guys,


    I recently built a new PC and it booted just fine and i started stress testing it a little bit, but didnt start overclocking yet.


    I shut it down the day before yesterday and when i tried to turn it on today, nothing happens, the PWR LED on the Motherboard is Red/Orange, and the ASUS TUF Detector on my phone says

    "POST Code: 0000" and "Standby Power In"


    I already tried starting it with my phone, which wont work either.



    Intel i5-6600k

    Asus Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1

    MSI GTX 970 Gaming G4

    Corsair h100i GTX

    HyperX 2x8GB DDR 4 Ram 2133 MHZ

    Corsair AX 860


    Sadly it's my first Desktop and i can't troubleshoot any part in an other system.


    Thanks for your help Guys


    Edit: I already checked the 24-pin and 8-pin cables and they are plugged in normally

  4. Whoa whoa whoa hold on. Both of those solutions are terrible. First, what headphones and mic are you using? If it's a usb headset then it's not the onboard that's bad. A better alternative for the sound would be the syba dac/amp. They can be found on ebay and might be under a different brand since it's a rebranded design. 


    I have the Bayerdynamics custom one pro and the custom one pro mic. they are not usb devices. and i borrowed my brothers usb soundcard, one that came with his bayerdynamic headset and all the problems were gone.


    What does the syba dac/amp offer me more than the xonar u7? 

  5. Hey Guys, 


    As my laptops built-in soundcard is shit and i got a lot of complaints from my friends when on Teamspeak and Skype because of echos (even with headphones and mic), i decided to buy a usb soundcard.


    Now i am indecisive between the Asus Xonar U7 and the Creative Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 and hoped you guys could help me with this decision. I don't really care about the remote control as it will be used only for gaming and teamspeak etc so it will be right in front of me. 


    Thanks for your help!

  6. I believe it is an overheating issue. I would recommend cleaning out the heatsink and fan.


    I cleaned my fan (was very dirty).

    I changed my CPU Thermal Compound and my GPU Thermal Compound.
    I did a GPU stress test with MSI Kombustor and checked my temp with GPU-Z and Core Temp during the test.
    During the stress test, my notebook shuts down after 1 minute 10 seconds @ GPU 78°C (172,4°F) and CPU 65-75°C (149-167°F)
    Good to know, my CPU already was @ 90-95°C before changing the Thermal Compound, so I dont think the CPU is the problem.
    (btw it is now much much colder ^^)
    I dont know what i can do now, because the problem is still there... Please help me :3 I would really appreciate it :D



    he already cleaned it out i guess.

  7. i had a similar problem once.


    my computer booted with only 1/4 cores (2 with hyper thredding). i don't know why my windows was set to start with only one core but i fixed it this way:


    -open your start menu


    -search for "msconfig"


    -right click and open as administrator


    -go to the "start" tab


    -open "advanced options" (or something similar)


    -look if the first box on the top left corner is checked


    -uncheck everything if necessary



  8. Manufacturing process depends a lot on machines (including thermal compund :P), human work is just a bit of assembly and examination...


    yeah, still the used thermal compound is just about cost reduction, or companies like arctic cooling dont want to sell big deals to dell or don have the capacities to sell them the quantities they need

  9. Yes, depending on the type of paste it'd be 24-72 h (MX-4) or 1 week (Arctic silver 5)


    Nice! I just don't get how computer manufacturers cant invest in higher grade thermal compound. I paid 10 CHF, or around 8,50EUR for 4g of MX-4 and i barely used anything and pasted CPU and GPU with it and can certainly paste at least 8 more things with it.


    when buying a 1300 EURO Laptop, i would definitely pay 2-10 euros more if it had a way better compound.. they even could do profit on it.


    i don't get it

  10. Oh the same as me...

    yeah, they usually do this craps -_-

    Hey guys, 


    i have a little question:


    Can it be that the thermal paste takes a little time to settle? Because i have even better temps now than i had after booting my pc for the first time after the repaste. I now have idle temps of 33°C for my GPU and 42°C for my cpu.


    I even overclocked my gpu to 969,1 mhz and it runs at 62° under full load.


    I have now 133 constant fps playing LoL at max settings :) befor i had like 20-30

  11. np, also what paste did you use?, it's good to know more pastes for replacements :P


    i used the arctic cooling mx-4


    there was also a shitload of stock paste on the cpu and gpu, like really a lot!, and it was all dried out and hard

  12. Open it, take the heatsink off, then:

    -Remove the fan, clean the heatsink carefully with water

    -Dry it with a haird dryer, don't hold it or you'll burn your fingers :P

    -When going to put back use a good thermal paste (MX-4, NT-H1...), avoid conductive thermal pastes; newer laptop GPUs and CPUs doesn't have metalic IHS on them.


    This is very effective... factory applied thermal pastes are shytto



    USB cooling-bases ain't that good, since USB only provides 5 V and from 500 mA to 900-1000 mA so fans wouldn't spin that fast


    btw just a note, dont let the gpu run at over 88C, so u dont damage it.



    I repasted my laptop and cleaned the heatsink with water. now i am running kombustor at max 60°C without max fanspeed!!! 


    It's amazing!


    Thanks Guys!