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  1. I see,which mean most of current RAM can be used.I bought the cpu and motherboard as a bundle which was on sale but I'l keep the advice in mind
  2. I went for it since I wasn't into overclocking or stuff,but thank you for the advice
  3. Hello everyone,I need some help with selecting RAM for my ongoing PC Build. I am student and working as a part timer. I've been saving money and buying parts for my PC gradually and currently positioned to complete my build is buying the RAM(Aiming for 8GB 3200mhz). I've been reading online about how there's Ryzen compatible RAM I'm worried that I might bought RAM that does not fully performs properly with the setup and when I've read the motherboard support section I got confused with the Summit,Raven and Pinnacle Ridge. I lived in South East Asia and most stuff I've bought are from online vendor primarily https://www.lazada.com.my . Current setup that I'm going is as follow: Ryzen 2600 Asrock A320m HDV R4.0 mATX Cooler Master 650w Bronze RX580 8GB Kingston A400 240GB SSD Generic Tower