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  1. from Microsoft page I have a friend who help me to do the vm so maybe it is? i can´t talk with he now, how i can do it without him?
  2. Only defaultuser0 appears, with password I don´t know what to do, i try : net user administrator /active:yes but it says that auser don´t exist
  3. maybe it helps? Any help is good, i am too lost
  4. Hello, my PC is windows, I need to mount a virtual machine to use a program that my computer is not able to run. I have no idea about computer science, I have an engineer friend who helps me with this, but now he can't help me. I rented an Ubuntu server, now I have to create a virtual windows machine in order to use the program there. My friend handed me an .ova file with windows to open the virtual machine, but yesterday I was trying to import the file and an error was jumping. (I tried to put it in an image). At first another error was skipping, but it was solved by decompressing the .ova file and opening the .ovf file The problem is that when you finish installing the following error jumps Yesterday I was reading online but as I do not understand computer science I was not able to solve it. Sorry for my english and thanks