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  1. Ok it was they last one i really needed a keyboard aswell ill just hope i can find another one there tommrrow
  2. nah i dont like that keyboard ill just save up for another keyboard and get my money back for the one i have
  3. yeah nothing happens when i do that
  4. go on my twitter @ThekiddDesigns i posted what the keyboard looked like i spent 20$ for this thinking it would be a good price and work fine
  5. its made exactly like that but its different tho it only has a windows key on the left side and a FN button on the right side
  6. I Didnt get a manual all i did was plug it in and some drivers downloaded and it started working except the Backlit Leds
  7. I just bought this new backlit gaming keyboard and the lights wont come on but the keyboard works fine please help me i dont know how to fix it i tried pressing the lightbulb button and it dont work Name of keyboard : Lifeworks samurai gaming keyboard Serial number: 190102301 Model Number: LW-BL-GK1008B FCC ID: BCTC: 14064698 YES ITS A WIRED KEYBOARD