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  1. Ah, nice catch! Found one with a Ryzen 5 4500U, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage for 9996 SEK (1095 US$). I should probably get that one then?
  2. So I've been thinking of getting a new laptop for when I start university in a month. I was considering the HP Spectre at first, but after watching the LTT video comparing the Spectre and the Env, I have decided to go with an AMD-powered Envy. I found two versions being sold in Sweden. The first one costs 8996 SEK (980 US$), has an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U mobile processor, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. The other one costed 10996 SEK (1200 US$), has an AMD Ryzen 7 3700U mobile processor, 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage. Now I think I'm going withe the cheaper Ryzen 5 version. I already have a gaming desktop and 256 GB storage is still more than twice what I have on my current Macbook Air. But I just wanted to make sure that I'm not missing out on a good deal here by not getting the more expensive Ryzen 7 version. Any advice is appreciated.
  3. So I'm having some issues with my PC and wanted to check if it was the case. So I decided to take out all the parts and jumpstarting it. The problem is that I can't find any way to do it on my MB. I can't find any PWR button and the manual mentions nothing about it. Any advice?
  4. First off, I live in Sweden, so sending specific deals probably won't be of any help, unless they're in Sweden of course. Looking for something around 1000 $ (10000 SEK to be exact), but can go a bit higher if need be. Also I'm not looking to game on this thing, I already have a gaming PC for that. Things I'm looking for (in order of importance): Longevity. I want something that can (hopefully) last throughout my eduction. This includes build quality. Good keyboard/trackpad. Comfortable to use in long sessions, also I don't want to carry around a mouse all the time. Nice multitasking capability. Maybe a kind of "duh" thing for a laptop, but I just feel like I need to emphasise this. I was at one point considering the Zenbook duo just for the extra screen. A nice screen. Not super important, but 4k support would be appreciated. Any advice is appreciated.
  5. Wow nice! I'll have to double check some stuff but this looks perfect. Thanks!
  6. Budget (including currency): 300-400 dollars Country: Sweden Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Small/medium at-home workloads, browsing, cartography software. Perhaps gaming but definitely not a priority. Other details: Here are the parts I'm already working with. Just need a MB, CPU and Power supply.
  7. Guys, thanks for the advice. But I was more looking for if there was any motherboard available with the ability to run my current 8400 while also leaving possibility for a CPU upgrade down the line?
  8. My dad wanted me to fix a new desktop PC that he can use. Nothing fancy, but something that's at least better than the extremely old laptop he's using now. So I thought I should get some new components and use my old ones to build him one. This is my current build (and yes know that it's the stock cooler, I'm going to upgrade that as well). I already have some old RAM, case and GPU that I'm not using, so I was thinking of upgrading my memory and MB and then buy a processor and PSU to complete the build. However, I don't plan on upgrading my CPU yet, I just can't afford to upgrade that one at the moment, and I really need another MB with PCIE x 4 slots if I'm going to get an M.2 SSD. That limits my options to boards with LGA 1151 sockets. What would be the best MB then, if I still want the ability to upgrade to a nice CPU in the future?
  9. I'm starting at university in the fall and am thinking of getting a new laptop to replace my old macbook air. I don't want another mac but I would really like something with longevity and good performance, and with that comes a hefty cost. I already have a gaming PC, here is my current build, and I've already been thinking of upgrading the storage and MB, so I was thinking that maybe I could cut my costs by instead selling my PC and getting a new laptop and a eGPU. However, I've also heard that eGPUs can sometimes be unreliable and I don't want to suffer a massive downgrade in performance. So what would you recommend? Any laptops that would be good for this type of use? Also should I do pre-built or custom eGPU?
  10. So my PC is connected via powerline ethernet, it's been going great the last couple of months but recently I started having problems. First it was that it wouldn't connect at all (something about an Invalid IP-adress), so I got a new adapter and it now my computer has connection. The problem is that I still can't access any sites and nothing else that requires internet is working. The only thing I've managed to do web-search on Edge... I've tried to flush the DNS, manually insert the IP-adress, but nothing seems to work. Any advice?
  11. (Didn't know where to post this, so I guess I'll do it here) So at my work we need to run a specific software to create a type of interactive floor (i.e. a display with water that creates ripples when you touch it). My boss decided to buy an MSI Trident 3 (specs can be found here). But when talking to the company that provides said software, they told us that we needed a Firewire-card to run it (and connect it to their specific projector), more specifically we needed a Lindy 51180. And since it doesn't seem possible to actually connect that card directly to the MB, I was wondering if it was possible to connect it externally (perhaps via the USB-C port)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. So I got an L24q-10 (1440p 60hz) yesterday and have been trying to overclock it, but something weird seems to happen once I try to go over 66hz; it will still work, up to 73hz to be exact, but a message pops up on the screen saying 'Input Signal Out Of Range', and there doesn't seem to be a way to remove it, it's just there on the screen. I've even tested it on sites like testufo.com and it still works perfectly at framerates above 66 but for some reason that message seems to still pop up on the screen. I was also wondering if it could have something to do with the GPU, since I'm about to upgrade from my current one (Radeon R9 380 4GB) to probably an RTX 2070 or RX 5700XT, so maybe that could that change potentially affect the overclocking? Becuase right now the AMD Radeon display settings doesn't even let me try setting the resolution higher than 73hz, because it says that the monitor 'doesn't support it', which is weird since it actually doesn't 'support' any framerates above 60. Picture of the message that pops up when trying to configure refresh rate to over 66hz: Any advice is appreciated.
  13. This is my current build, I've upgraded the MB and CPU once already due to some defects, but now I'm considering upgrading my GPU as well. I'm aiming for about 1440p 60-80hz (overclocking the Lenovo L24q) but most importantly I'd like to play new AAA games at high/ultra settings, stuff like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and (more specifically) Cyberpunk 2077, be that at 1440 och 1080. I would really like an Nvidia card, so I've been considering getting the 2070, but I've seen also that the 2060S seems to perform about the same and that I could get it for about 50$ less where I live, and it's also a newer card so I guess that could also be a plus? And before anyone says anything, the price for the 2070 is as far as my budget can take me, so the 2070S is really not an option here. Any advice is appreciated.