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  1. On the new dedicated server we have the option to choose between Plesk and cPanel? What you guys suggest us to use? We are using Plesk right now. Furthermore, does the Linux distribution matter to us? I mean between CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Arch.
  2. Doesn't seems easy to do that, especially thinking for a website that is almost 20 years old.
  3. It's not a physical server. The server running Linux and we have access over Plesk Panel. We have a website to a well known hosting company and we want to move from the current plan to a dedicated server. Unfortunately the company does not provide any help or services regarding that so we have to do it. We know how to transfer the databases and website files but what about email addresses, settings, etc?
  4. Hello everyone, We want to transfer everything from our server (domains, databases, websites files, emails, etc) to another on the same server provider. Is there any tool that we can do that? Our server uses Plesk panel. We know how to transfer a website but not a whole server to a new one unfortunately. What is the best way to do that with no downtime, or as less as possible? Thank for your time!