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  1. What do you think of the Eluktronics MAG-15 (US version)/XMG Fusion 15(EU version)? Suggestions for any other similar device welcomed (equal/better performance + battery life). Thnx
  2. Thnx for your reply. Gaming is second (or even third). Might just play a few hours here and there every month, so I wasn't looking for any model specifically designed for gaming, but it is definitely a bonus. Thnx for your suggestions as well.
  3. How is their graphics performance? Many have recommended the ThinkPad and I saw a few models, though it gets confusing cause there are to many options to choose from. Thanks for your comment.
  4. Thnx for your reply. I am looking for quality above all, ditching the plastic. Might check for a Zenbook option as well, as for the Lenovo, I have heard that they have improved their quality a lot in the recent years, but still, they can't compare with what Microsoft is bringing to the table.
  5. Yeah typing, tried different keyboards (Mac as well) and I'd like to have a good typing experience. Currently my laptop has 8 gigs and I believe I will be more than fine with that amount. Thank you for your reply :D.
  6. Hello, I found a Surface Book 2 13.5' for 1250 US$. Specs: Gtx 1050 (2GB), i7-8650U, 8 GB of Ram and 250 GB of NVMe SSD. Should I go for it ? I intend to use it primarily for writing (I want a well build machine with a good battery life, that's why I am considering this) and minor light gaming on games such as Civ V. Thnx in advance to anyone who might give his/her opinion.