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  1. I had a TIL moment the other day while playing around to maximize PPD and wanted to share This was always the advice I had heard and followed. I have a 4790k and was folding on 6 threads, leaving two free. After playing around with my OCs and power settings, I wound up removing my CPU task entirely just to see what would happen. Not only has my PPD gone UP by an appreciable amount, but my thermals (and therefore noise) are better now as well since the CPU isn't dumping heat into my loop anymore. Obviously YMMV, but it may be worth trying
  2. *clicks on link* *video already liked* Apparently my memory of LTT videos starts degrading around the 4 year mark... I'm honored to have the first comment of my first post hail from on-high Thank you both for the replies! It's great news to hear my $55 used cpu block I bought from a forum listing isn't holding me back. A de-lid and lap may be in my future, but that also may be the quarantine talking
  3. If you don't want to RMA, another option would be to over/underclock your GPU Core Clock and GPU Memory Clock to see if you can find a frequency that doesn't cause coil whine. I had an old laptop that would whine really bad when the cpu ran at lower speeds when not under load or on battery. It got so bad that I turned off that feature in the BIOS. I got worse battery life, but hey, no coil whine!
  4. I recently revisited overclocking my cpu and that's got me thinking... I've been rocking a Swiftek Apogee XT for 6 years now. Is it possible that cpu waterblocks have gotten way better in the 10 years since mine launched? It has a "pin matrix" design versus the more popular channels, but of similar dimension. Other than that it seems more or less identical to the top blocks on the market. I can't find a showdown that reaches that far back, but this one here is showing 4C differences between the best and worse performers and that's pretty compelling imo http://thermalbench.com/2016/12/02/alphacool-eisblock-xpx-cpu-waterblock/5/ This block has cooled 3 different CPUs for me and been cleaned and re-pasted each time. Has anyone upgraded from this block and seen significant improvement in temps?