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  1. xampi

    MPRT | GtG

    Okay, thank u all guys!
  2. xampi

    MPRT | GtG

    Hi guys, I've been looking the specs of 'Gigabyte AORUS FI27Q' and i saw that it has a response time of 1ms (MPRT). Which kinda is the ghosting transition time. This monitor actual response time is 4ms if i'm not mistaken. My question is: Does this monitor comunicate with the graphics card with a delay of 4ms or 1ms? If it's 4ms will i notice the differance by coming from a 1ms one? Thanks for the help in advance and sorry for my english!
  3. But would this work on a 8/9 gen mobo?
  4. Hi guys, recently my i7 broke and I won't get the replacement until a month. Can you guys tell me the cheapest processor that works with Aorus Z390 ELITE please. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'll do mobo then CPU. I have waranty of both. Thanks for being that helpful dude! But if i take my cpu into another system and works fine would mean it's actually the mobo right?
  6. Thanks for helping. But do you have any idea why this happened? I mean my system has been working fine for about 4 months... (It's brand new)
  7. Hey sorry for being that late and thanks again for your help! Here are my RAM test results: - Slot 1 = Works (Tested with every single RAM stick) (From here tested with both identical Hyperx RAM sticks) - Slot 1 + 2 = Works - Slot 1 + 3 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 1 + 4 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 1 + 2 + 3 = PC Rebooted itself - Slot 1 + 2 + 4 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 1 + 3 + 4 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 2 = Works - Slot 2 + 3 = Works - Slot 2 + 4 = Doesn't boot - Slot 2 + 3 + 4 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 3 = Works - Slot 3 + 4 = PC Freezes when stressing cpu cache - Slot 4 = Works Successful tests lasted 1 min Not successful tests lasted less than 5 secs. Test where pc rebooted lasted less than 2 secs. If you still think it looks like RAM error, let me know and I'll ask my brother to borrow me his RAM sticks.
  8. "You still have to determine if the CPU went south or if the motherboard went south." What do you mean by that? And why you assume it has something to do with RAM? just asking, im kinda newbie
  9. I already did that and seems like one stick doesn't work if it's not placed at the first slot. I bought my CPU 4 months ago (so it's kinda new) and it worked fine until now Thanks for the help in advance!
  10. I did what you said and i took out both different sticks of ram and resetted defaults on bios. And the problem still persists. When i stress cpu cache my pc freezes forcing me to reboot.
  11. No, i havn't because when it first happen (before i lowered cpu clock) my usb from the mobo didn't work neither like my mouse, headset and keyboard lightning turned off
  12. bsod is it blue screen right? Then no, it's my system, It's like i cant move my mouse or interact with my pc
  13. What do you mean by system hang? (sorry my english is kinda bad :v) and what exactly means bsod?