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  1. As I type this I am getting 3.93 ghz at most while playing the division 2.
  2. You have a point though I wouldnt see why he would do that. I will look into too.
  3. Uh some big doublesight one then requires and a big vga. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
  4. MSI afterburner only told me my CPU temp, also my cpu only stays at 3.89 ghz for no reason...
  5. Not testing but I do the lowest graphics on everygame and get less than him by a lot and also yes I have
  6. Lookit this is his channel and all that I know
  7. Ok so I recently got a i5-9400f and lpx 16 gigs of ram, a new asus motherboard, and a 240gig ssd. I also got a 1070 gpu about a year ago. Though I have notice I get less frames then this guy who has a 1660 ti and a i5- 9400f on youtube named Benchmarks. I get 40 frames on rust, he gets 120... I get around 50 frames on ark, he gets a lot more. It is same with other gasmes he plays that I play. If you guys know anything please help. I also use steam's fps counter and geforce but both give same fps