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  1. Lonewolfmusic

    Problems with fitting my gpu into my new case

    Okay, next time I'll make sure to spend more on the case I guess. Thanks for the reply
  2. Lonewolfmusic

    Problems with fitting my gpu into my new case

    That's what I thought initially but there was only one thumb screw in the top one and none tin the others, also after fiddling around with them I don't think I'd be able to remove them without breaking something inside(as you can see in the picture) and they don't bend outside.
  3. First of all I would like to clarify that I am a first time builder and I have recently bought components to build my own pc. Up until now everything has gone absolutely fine with building; cpu, ram, psu, ssd, and cooling have all been installed and they work fine. But I have encountered a problem with fitting my graphics card (msi radeon rx 580 armor oc) into my case (CiT Dark soul). While I realise my case is definitely on the lower end of the cost spectrum for cases, I wasn't expecting that the little panels on the side of the case that you usually remove to fit the gpu in would actually be stuck to the case itself. It might not be too clear in the image but these panels can't be removed without excessive force and don't slide out like in every tutorial I have seen for installing a gpu. Am I missing something?