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    Brisbane, Australia
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    Restoring Old Arcade Games and Pinballs. Tech in general.
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    Particpating not Spectating!
  1. Hi all, first post here. I restore old pinball play fields and fix up old pinball's and arcade machines in Australia. Just wondering how temperature affects Solar inverters, I assume they are all heat-sink/ air cooled with fans.. Wondering if this would extend/increase efficiency/ longevity. I understand there are laws etc that would prevent this publicly, but might be an interesting project? non-electrical conductive fluid? this is in the wrong section I apologize, please put in correct section? I apologize for my ignorance in advance, just pondered this after Paul's Hardware video in his Solar setup. Love Floatplane and am a member, G'day Luke and team! One of the only subscriptions I pay as money is tight, but not enough to support my FAV tech channel. Sincerely the Forum members, Mods and team. Brian