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  1. Getting qcodes 7f, 4c, 3e, 32 No display and doesn't boot to bios. So basically this is what happened. Played frostpunk no issues turned off went to bed. Next day computer wouldn't boot, with qcodes 7f, 4c, 3e, 32. I tried draining capacitors, resetting bios, removing gpu, changing pci slot of gpu, tried individual ram sticks. No real changes. Without ram sticks i get qcode 55 instead of title qcodes. Without gpu i get the same qcode, but my leds on my fans no longer flash. One ram stick will not show rgb leds, always the b slot ram. Honestly unsure of what to do, most of my investigations online of people with similar qcodes are from when they updated bios, except i haven't updated mine. Rig as follows: Maximus xi hero i7-9700k Corsair vengeance 2x16gb 3000mhz ddr4 Gigabyte aorus 2080ti waterforce Corsair hx850 psu Samsung evo 870 1tb ssd If any more info is needed lemme know, I'm completely stumped on what to do from here.