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  1. Perfect. Thank you for your reply. Now I just gotta find out if I can stick those RAMs under my CPU cooler.
  2. Even if they are in different channels? And is there a way to clock 3000 MHz RAMs to 3200? Although they are not certified to that speed?
  3. Hi, I bought year ago two RAM sticks Kingston Predator 8GB 3000 MHz and now I got offer to get two more of the same sticks but clocked at 3200 MHz. MB supports dual channel (Gigabyte Z370 HD3P). Is there going to be an issue mixing those four sticks if I keep each pair in a different channel?
  4. Hi, I just recently bought new TV Samsung QE55Q60R which comes with remote control TM1950C. I have two questions related to this TV and I would appriciate any help to resolve issues I have wih the TV. I keep seeing ads for apps in the TV Store in the home menu. It's quite annoying and I would love to get rid of it (I did not pay full price for product to show me adds). Is there a way to rebind buttons on the remote controller? In my region they put Netflix, Prime Video and Rakuten TV quicklunch buttons on my remote. I use only Netflix. Is there a way to change it so I can lunch something more commonly used like Youtube instead? Would be nice. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hello there, I'm looking for tips what to pay attention to when choosing a laptop for a 3D modeling, Autocad and other rendering programs. My friend she study civic engineering and needs an upgrade. Max price should be about 1500€ / $1700 (included ~25% tax). I read that Quadro graphics are the best for this line of work, but in the age of RTX Max-Q cards, are they still good option? CPU I would go with something like i7 8750H or would Ryzen make sense? And about 16 GB RAM. What do you think about that? Am I picking good parts or should I adjust something? Any help is welcomed. Thanks!
  6. CPU is the next in the line after GPU. But I will probably have to update PSU as well, not too excited about that
  7. Since I already have 144 Hz monitor I would like to get above 60 FPS, if I could get to something like double that number I would love it. Haven't considered RX5600 which could be the way to go. Interesting thought.
  8. Fixed, it should no longer be private. That's basically what I'm coming from. If I would upgrade it would have to be something like RX5700 or 1660ti or 2060S, but is that something interesting for me? Would it be worth it for 1080p high FPS Gaming?
  9. Hello all, I'm wondering if you could advise me about my next upgrade to my PC. I recently bought 1080p 144Hz monitor so I'm all about that raw FPS instead of upgrading to 1440p. My current rig can be viewed below. So I'm debating whether it is time to upgrade my current GPU AMD RX480 8G. People would most likely suggest upgrading to RX580, but is it with it? And if I go something like RX5700 or 1660ti or 2060S isn't it overkill? Also what about my PSU? Would 550 Gold Seasonic handle it? I use my PC solely to game. I play the most World of Warcraft but I like to try out new games also. When I hit 30 FPS in newest Tomb Raider it was kinda a wake up call. My rig (FYI CPU is OC'ed to 4.7GHz): https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Tormirian/saved/jVbrVn