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  1. Well yeah, you can fit specific radiators at certain places, but at the top it'll require you to remove your dust filter. I didn't want to risk the fact that the coolers had to be lowered, especially in combination with the RAM.
  2. Got the Coolermaster Scout 2, it has no possibility of mounting a radiator properly nor having a proper air cooler without struggling. But will probably go with the DRP4 as the D15 has a long delivery time for the AM4 here.
  3. I just ordered a CPU cooler, it appears that the fan has a PWM connector. My motherboard's CPU FAN connector has 4 pins, so I assume it'll fit. But does it require any additional software/hardware to make it work properly?
  4. Hi I've recently upgraded my pc to a Ryzen 7 3700x and an MSI X470 Gaming Pro Carbon, but I didn't upgrade my case, and my current case is total garbage and doesn't fit a proper CPU cooler. So I'm getting the "Coolermaster Mastercase H500P Mesh" But I'm wodnering if I should get the "Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4" (as I'm using the regular Wraith Prism), or would the Noctua NH-D15 be a better option to get?
  5. Hi Since my current case has alot of issues in terms of cooling (CPU cooler height, airflow...) i'm looking for a new case. I'm looking for a case with good airflow and that looks good, with a min. CPU cooler height of 167mm. I've found the Cooler Master Mastercase H500M, which is rather on the expensive side but that's my limit. Is this case any good? Or do you have any other suggestions?
  6. Corsair carbide 500r My current fans barely have any airflow, setting them lower will basically make them completely useless.
  7. Hi I currently have 2 very loud fans on the side panel of my pc. Since I want to replace the side and front ones I need some advice. Side panel: 2 quiet and good yet cheap 120mm fans, no RGB required Front fans: 2 (bit louder doesn't matter) fans that give very good airflow, which my current ones dont. RGB is a nice extra. I know about some noctua fans, but they can be quite pricey, any suggestions?
  8. Case: Coolermaster Scout 2 advanced RAM: corsair vengeance lpx Located: Netherlands
  9. Hi I currently have the stock cooler for the Ryzen 7 3700x, but I find it a bit too noisy. So I started wondering.. What's a good CPU cooler for under 100$ which might even make small overclocking possible. CPU cooler's max height is 161mm which makes it difficult to find a proper one (so Dark rock pro 4 won't fit).
  10. Hi I was planning on getting the Ryzen 5 3600, but after saving up more than expected I was wondering if a 3700x will make alot of difference. What I'm planning on doing: Multi-tasking (heavy game + youtube/spotify or streaming + other stuff) Gaming Streaming Heavy gaming like forza horizon or battlefield (current cpu is unable to handle these games) I don't mind spending 140€ more, but I wanna know if it's worth it or not. I'm looking for a the cpu thats similar to i7-9700k or 9900k
  11. I know the rating has nothing to do with it being good. But I just thought it kinda weird what they were telling me. Thanks anyways
  12. Some other forum, They claimed "it only has 2 years of warranty", while in reality it appears to have 5 years. I assumed the v1000 was a quality PSU as it's 80 GOLD and was quite expensive. All good I guess then?
  13. Hi In 2015 I changed my PSU because my pc had some sketchy PSU. I want to upgrade my pc (CPU, MOBO, RAM) but some people tell me I have to change my PSU as well. My current PSU is a Cooler Master V1000. Is it true I should replace this too with the rest or not?