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  1. I'd give the Asus Dual cooler design a solid D-. The heatsink is oriented in the wrong direction causing heat buildup, and the fans are a noisy joke. I fixed it though with a 3D printed air duct and a Noctua NF-F12 fan. The split in the air duct lets additional hot air get away from the heat sink. The heat buildup is actually so bad that the PLA prototype melted from the air alone (and of course where it made contact with the heatsink). It survived far longer after the split was introduced, so the final unit has this design and is printed in ABS.
  2. Never seen a splitter being delivered with a Noctua fan. Low noice adapters (series resistor) are included though.
  3. I allways recommend Corsair Commander Pro, but it might be a bit overkill for your build. There is/was a smaller version of it, but it's not available in Norway, so I have no experience with it.