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  1. I'd pay exactly 200€, minus 80€ if I sell my i3. I think I'll do it, thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! I was considering upgrading my configuration, selling my i3 9100F and buying an i5 9600K. My motherboard is an MSI Z390-A PRO, and I have an RX580 GPU (soon to be upgraded to an RX5600/5700). Would you do it? Thanks!
  3. Would a top notch air cooler improve the situation?
  4. Sorry, I forgot some essential details. 1: The CPU is not overclocked, it’s running at its stock values (see picture). Nothing has been touched. 2: Thermal paste is MX-4. 3: Cooler is mounted properly. 4: Ambient temp is 27ºC.
  5. Hi everyone. A friend of mine has an i5 9600k which is cooled by a Corsair H100x. The case is a Cooler Master H500P Mesh, and placing the radiator in the top or in the front doesn’t make any difference. In Prime 95, CPU reaches 90ºC within 5 minutes. In normal use, temperature range between 70ºC and 85ºC. The cooler is mounted correctly and it has been already replaced in warranty, thinking the problem was a defective cooler. Something is definitely wrong, giving the H100x should be adequate to keep temperatures at 75ºC max. Anyone having the same issue with this CPU+cooler combo? Any advices? Thank you
  6. Case is a Corsair Spec Alpha, RAM is a normal DDR3 without heatsink. I am in Italy and I would buy on Amazon IT.
  7. Would this be a good buy? https://gelidsolutions.com/thermal-solutions/phantom/
  8. Can you recommend one in particular?
  9. At the moment I have a Raijintek Aidos with Noctua NT-H2 thermal compound, but I need it for another build with low TDP and I’m not so satisfied with its performance (55-60C in CPU intensive tasks). Thanks for the advice on used AIO, I’m more keen on air cooling now. I’d love a dual tower cooler, also for future proofing.
  10. Hi everyone! I’m looking for a new cooler for my i5 4590. I have to choose between a Corsair H45 (given by a friend at a good price) and an air cooler of some sort. I’ve heard the H45 is quite noisy. The case is a Corsair Spec Alpha. Which cooler do you recommend in the 35-40€ budget? I’d love to keep the system as quiet as possible. Thank you!