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  1. I honestly haven't looked much into the 5600XT. I have been looking into the 5700XT. I'll have to check it out!
  2. By bottlenecking I mean based on my system and the types of games I play do you think a 1660 ti will fail to deliver high fps in esports games or fail to play other games in high/ultra settings at 1080p?
  3. It costs $285. I was looking at a 5700 xt or 2060 super but saw this card and thought I could save myself over $100, but dont want it to bottleneck me either.
  4. Hey all, looking to get opinions if this would be a good card for me. Looking to build a decent midrange gaming setup. Looking at a Ryzen 3600, Msi Tomahawk Max B450, and 16gb ram. Was looking at the Msi 1660 ti gaming x graphics card. I mostly play esports games (fortnite, cod, apex) and games like gta, resident evil...Mostly looking to get good fps on a 1080p monitor (144hz). Would this card be adequate for my system and games?
  5. So in your opinion what im experiencing isn't necessarily the result of some component bottlenecking or throttling my game?
  6. I'm asking in this forum cause I originally thought the CPU was bottlenecking my FPS. But after describing my system was told that the CPU shouldn't be bottlenecking it.
  7. Is it common if I cap FPS at 144 that I would see intermittent drops, down to as low as 40 or 50 FPS? If I'm seeing this am I seeing some sort of bottleneck? I would say the majority of the time its holding to 130 or 144 FPS but during certain scenes it will, for a split second, drop down as low as 40 or 50 FPS, and then go right back up to 144 FPS. Or should the expected behavior be that if I cap at 144 FPS, it remains constant at 144 FPS at all times?
  8. So I finally tested with HWiNFO and it doesn't look like there's a thermal issue. For example I opened up Fortnite and capped my FPS at 144FPS and then started to play. For the most part the pc keeps up with around 144FPS but in certain busy scenes it'll drop down to as low as ~40 to 60FPS for a split second and but more commonly it'll randomly dip down to 90 or 100FPS. If i go check HWiNFO the max temp I see across all cores is around 60C - 65C. Is it common to get random drops during gameplay? Or should my pc be keeping the FPS around a constant 144FPS at all times?
  9. Thank you for the suggestion! I definitely don't want to spend the extra money if you don't think there's a need to. I'll use this utility to help me troubleshoot any thermal issues.
  10. This is exactly what I'm seeing. For the most part it manages to keep up with the frame rate, whether i limit it to 60FPS or 144FPS. But in busy, fact paced moments it'll drop pretty badly.
  11. Like I said my system is 5/6 years old. The motherboard I'm using is MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate. I know that's using DDR3 RAM. I'm currently not overclocking and just using stock cooler. Never really tried troubleshooting thermal issues. Do you have a recommended utility to use?
  12. Do you think a better GPU is necessary for running Fortnite, Overwatch, CSGO? I didn't think these games were very demanding. When I look at performance monitor it appears my GPU is usually running at like 40% whereas I believe my CPU is running a bit higher, 60-80%. I'd have to re-run to be sure but I'm pretty sure that where about it was running at.
  13. I'm in the USA/Iowa and I guess I'm trying to keep costs down to $500 or below, but not necessarily ruling out spending a bit more if its worth it.
  14. I currently have an i5 4670k and wondering if it's worth upgrading to a Ryzen 2600, 3600, or 3700x are the three I'm considering. I mostly use my pc for playing esports games (Fortnite, Overwatch, etc...) besides just surfing the web or standard productivity stuff. My current system is like 5/6 years old. I recently updated my power supply and graphics card to an EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 and a Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ Rx 580. I'd like to get my FPS up to 144 FPS (I set most of my settings to low except for view distance). I notice frame drops and I'm thinking the CPU is the bottleneck. I'd really like to get a Ryzen 3600 and a Tomahawk B450 but I've been reading about issues with the bios and the Ryzen 3000. And also the voltage issues too. I don't want to spend extra money for power and features that I won't use. Not sure if I would really need an x570 board. Any recommendations would be appreciated!