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  1. So after visiting the local retailers, I decided to go with the LG C9. All Sony A9G's in the store had a slight tilt backwards and after the first few action with Android TV, I think I'm more a fan on webOS.
  2. @Streetguru never heared about that brand, do they exists here in europe? But I'm also not such big of a fan for additional hardware for such minor additional things like recording. @TheFlyingTraut money dosn't matter at all. If I had the space I would go with 80"+ directly so yea. Do you know what exactly is better in the motion processing on sony? Based on this comparision, the LG is a bit ahead compared to the Sony: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/sony-a9g-vs-lg-c9/833/802
  3. I'm currently using a Samsung Q9FN but I'm really unhappy with it due to lags, red lines and many other common Samsung issues (if you don't know what I mean, just look at Samsungs forum. Each "High End" TV since 2016 has micro stuttering in content like sports and anime, red lines accross the screen with PS4 and X1, forced auto updates even when disabled and so on). That's why I want to change it as soon as possible. But which one would be a proper replacement? The last time, the fear for burn-in keept me away from OLED but I think there is no real way around it anymore. The requirements for a TV would be the following: - Needs to be 55" (not enough space to fit 60" or bigger :<) - Sound is not necessary because I use a Teufel Theater 500 5.1.2 system anyway but this requires the TV to be able to work with a Onkyo receiver - Dolby Atmos support required due to the sound system (or does the TV needs it because everything is wired to the receiver anyway?) - Dolby Vision would be nice due to AppleTV - 4K as resolution - Low input lag would be nice too - DVB-C receiver with CI+ Module - Recording function for the TV signal (so double tuner would be nice) - No stuttering or lag from the TV (sure it can happen from the ethernet connection but it really should not happen for local content) - YouTube, Netflix and Amazon apps As far as my research goes, this would come to the LG C9 or Sony AG9. But after the expirence with the Samsung Q9FN, I thought asking experts about this might help to avoid the same issues once again. Sorry for my bad english skills, it's not my primary language and I can't even spell it in my primary language correct. x) I hope it is clear what I try to say anyway.