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  1. Can i connect an internal wd blue 1tb hdd to a laptop i need to transfer some important data to an external hard drive?
  2. Can i pair An rtx card with I5 3570 non (k) and do ray tracing in games without any issues other than bottleneck problems?
  3. Can i do ray tracing on i5 3570 non k with rtx 2070 super? , also tell me the issues that can occur, For 1080p resolution not above that.
  4. I have an i5 3570 non k i have two options SHOULD I PAIR IT WITH RTX 2070 OR GTX 1080 I know i will have fps loss in both cases which one is more appropriate?
  5. Can i pair my i5 3570 with an rtx 2060 super, i know i will have bottleneck issues but does that really make a difference apart from loosing fps i just want to play games real smooth at 1080p resolution, Can someone please elaborate the outcomes of this rig?
  6. CuriousIndian1769


    Is vsync of any use because many people seem to say that the input lag is unbearable even when the gpu is producing frames constantly at a higher rate than the refresh rate. Share your experiences please.
  7. Is Gpucheck.com a reliable site on the information that it provides for different cpu and gpu pairing, anyone that has used this site and got similar results as predicted by site, I'm especially interested in the fps loss numbers(bottleneck) that it shows, are those reliable?
  8. Are you sure some people were saying that it needs to be at least twice the refresh rate? Anyways thanks for the insight
  9. When do you guys think is Fastsync/Enhanced Sync best optimized, i know that the fps should be higher than refresh rate but like how much higher in a 60hz monitor so that it is ideal for gaming ? And please share your experiences with these while gaming and what you think?!
  10. How much do you think an I5 3570 will bottleneck with a gtx 1080 at 1080p resolution gaming? And what issues might i face while playing modern titles?
  11. Guys i have a i5 3570, 16gb I plan on getting a gtx 1080 All my money will be used up But i have a 60hz monitor i want to know that How much screen tearing will occur and will it be a major problem while playing modern titles and does their come a point that it does not bother when the fps is extremely high, can someone please explain? And yes i know that my cpu is mediocre and i will have minor fps loss