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  1. The attractive idea of the VM is to have a backup images. Anything stops working on the code restore the image easily.
  2. Working on data science. Where the VM hosted? The VM is at my office, but I am not always able to attend my office, I have a disability that sometimes refrains me to work locally. Since I am working with large data sets, Azure worries me it will take a bit too long to upload the files and then download, that is why have something saved locally will speed things up. Also the budget is not too high.
  3. Good day, Yesterday I lost over 580GB of science data which I have been working over the summer. Right now, I am running a recovery tool to get most of the data back (EaseUs). Anyhow, I realized I needed either a Virtual Machine environment where I can log in and work via the internet on a Win10 machine from Mac and do it locally as well. I read about Virtual box and VMWare. I would like to have 2 x VM where catastrophic failure I can continue where I left off remotely or locally. Currently I have a Threadripper with 64GB of RAM on Win10 which might be used as a server? Looking forward for your expertise.Thank you