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  1. okay since this computer doesnt come with onboard graphics my questions are. Can this computer be able to run a EGPU because as i opened it i saw a free pci-e slot that wasnt being used. i was thinking i can hook it up to a egpu yes or no? This computer runs an i5 vpro i was thinking if i put a upgrade cpu in it like an i7 4790s will it bottleneck modern gpus? Finally, Does intel processors come with intregrated graphics? most specifically the i7 4790s and the i5 vpro
  2. And how about an i7? Also i heard theres a m.2 on this thing for a ssd
  3. My god your a life saver but dangg this thing i found really has all that my lord, i heard i can upgrade to an i7 but a certain i7 not just any, but can it go i9? Also what kind of ram should i get for it i wanna get another 8 gig for it
  4. Not sure yet i just wiped out the hdd it had in it , but it does have a intel i5 prov sticker on it
  5. Im wondering what upgrades can i do to it? And if anyone can link me the items u recommend for upgrades to this Aio i found in the streets
  6. Hello i need help as my computer told me there was another computer on the same ip address on my network. I am running my ps4 , phone , laptop and a pc on the router im using as a wifi extender. However theres problems like i said. I looked at windows system event logger and theres an error on tcp/ip im guessing thats where the error is and how do i fix this? On my router (used as wifi extender old to) i went into settings and all i did was change my passwords and disable dhcp in the lan settings, i couldn't change the ip of it to as it said it would conflict the wans subnet or something. so all i did was change passwords and disable dhcp which made me connect my ethernet to connect to one of the lan ports (keep in mind this ethernet extends far away that connects to my main router which is a verizon fios router) How can i fix this? Ive tried connecting the netgear router to my pc , not having the pc connected to the wifi or ethernet same for the router no ethernet connected only Pc connected to it via ethernet. so i did that and it wouldnt let me connect to it even tried a reset using default settings and nothing. any idea on how to fix this? Also. Is there a way to cool down a router? bottom of this router likes to get hot so that worrys me about its lifespan (it is old i know its from 2013 but i do wanna extend its lifespan so it doesnt break on me)
  7. the WebUI is the old webUI of netgear like this one in this image https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwiXpfrW_bPlAhVMU98KHbOUBD4QjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fkb.netgear.com%2F120%2FHow-to-configure-a-NETGEAR-DSL-Modem-Router-for-Internet-connection-with-Smart-Wizard&psig=AOvVaw1b_x8zHJ299F6Pv4c4lA-o&ust=1571975084082970 also reason why i wanna run a short ethernet cable is because my router is to far. its in my mothers room and i have several devices to connect to the internet but the signel is poor in my room to be able to connect to that router my main one that is.
  8. So as the title states i wanna have this old netgear router as a wifi extender so that my room can have wifi signal and so that i can run short ethernet cables to my pc. So ive connected the router throught its lan port via ethernet to the other router. my problem is when i try to connect to the old router it leaves me to connect to my main router instead of the old router im using as a extender. also i couldnt change its ip from because of it saying its messing with something in the WAN Area which i have no idea about. How can i fix this? Im also learning cyber security so when i monitor my traffic all that comes up is ips that say who is who is something like that in wireshark
  9. Already have it was just wondering
  10. Does a corsair cxm 650w have the connections and cables to connect a nitro 5700 xt?
  11. Yikes ill have to find out if my cable is even long enough, plan on getting the new nitro and i have a corsair 650w psu
  12. So i have a case where the psu mounts from the top now if i wanted to hook up a gpu would it be okay to run the cable connector behind the motherboard if its long enough?
  13. Alright thank you id choose amazon but at the moment they are out of stock till October but biiz has what i want in stock
  14. I just dont wanna get screwed over buying a fake gpu or something
  15. Thank you all i just plan on getting the nitro first so that by the time it restocks i can immediately buy it and buy the ram later of course.