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  1. That I haven't tried I think! I'll check this out!
  2. Yes I tried that, I'm almost certain it's the motherboard... I'll be switching to ryzen 3 or the next threadripper. I had this computer for 6 years and he served me well!
  3. I have to find that warranty... I bought it back in 2013 I think Thanks
  4. That's my guess too... I'm just hoping I can fix it
  5. Yes! That happen after 1min - 15min
  6. Yes display port cables and DVI are well plugged. I tried with different cable... Still a problem Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm here after 2 months of troubleshooting, ssd swap, ram swap and a clean windows 10 pro install. Here is the problem: Sometimes, when gaming or even listening to youtube, m'y 3 monitors goes dark... They basically go to sleep. No more video input . The only way I have to get them working again is the reset button... This is a strange problem for this community, I hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance Olivier Ohh my specs: Asus sabertooth x79 Intel 4930k 1tb NVME ssd (yes getto ass solution, but the problem was there before the PCIE ssd.) Gtx 1070 (the problem is also there with my 770) 64gb of crucial ddr3