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  1. So i have 2 GPU's in my system, a Zotac 2070 Super and a Sapphire RX580, now i want to run my games on the 2070 and then use the 580 to render in OBS, is this possible? How Would i set it up?
  2. Hi! I'm starting High school next year and need a USB Drive, I think this is a scam but I'm not sure, what are some helpful tips to help identify scam USB drives?? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB-3-0-2TB-Flash-Drives-Metal-Pendrive-Memory-Flash-Drive-U-Disk-Storage-UK/273942173749?hash=item3fc839d835:g:C5cAAOSwvdxdOAHi I'm there also a program to test if the drive has been mislabeled if I already have one?