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  1. Ok... would I be able to save all my games to a usb so I don’t have to redownload everything? What’s the best way to reinstall? The hard drive came from a prebuilt I don’t have any discs or anything for windows..
  2. No... kept the same hard drive.... would uninstalling the old drivers work or? Is it best to start over?
  3. Previous cpu was a amd and motherboard was a different asus
  4. Hey guys so I recently upgraded my pc, new motherboard and cpu, and now when I try to install drivers or start up games they always crash and says computer is not supported. cpu: i5 9600k mb: Rog strix h370i gaming is there something I forgot to do? Do I have to uninstall the past drivers some how? thanks
  5. Hey all I hope you had a great weekend, I have a couple questions that I was wondering the answer to. First, I was looking at a motherboard that has a ssd slot built in, Do I need to have a card in this slot for it to work? or would I be fine with just having a hard drive and not having the slot occupied? secondly, I already have a corsair H55 liquid cooling unit that says it supports LGA 1150 (does not say anywhere that it supports lga 1511, bought 4ish years ago..) and the cpu I was looking at is a LGA 1151 Would my cooler work on it or would I be better off buying a new cooler? Thanks for taking the time to look at my questions and eager to hear anyone's experience or answers!