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  1. well thank you for the help but i must refer that after asking alot of players about this they said that these requirments are outdated and don't catch up with the latest added graphic features like dynamic lightings and shadows ty for yourconcern after all
  2. i wonder what is system requirements is needed to run a game like tanki online with it's all graphic features ebabled at 60 fbs at 1080 p res i and alot of my friends will appritate the answer we on low budget situation and we don't want rgb or any fancy sttff what so ever just the performance we need all the ideas and susgettions either it for new or used hardwear and ty for your work
  3. hello , i have a problem i can't fix and i can't figure out the reason i recently bought a wireless headset called P47 , it works fine with any smart phone in wireless mode however when i tried to pair it with my desktop computer via bluetooth using bluetooth v 2.0 dongle it didn't work the dongle shows up as working properly in the device manager and it catches the headset and pair it , but still the headset shows that it is not working ok , that little alarming yellow triangle shows beside it's icon and drivers seem not ok i tried all the drivers i could find online which are many btw nothing worked i use win 7 32 bit desktop pc and i really hope for solution , i would be so grateful