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  1. That's awesome to hear, inspiring work you guys are doing.
  2. Also a question to the 3d printing community: Where are you finding cheap pla or petg filament right now? My source from matterhackers at $16 per roll in bulk is out of stock. Anyone else have a ~$17 cost per kg source of filament? Its not the end of the world if i have to spend $22 (which seems to be the going rate for in stock kg of filament right now), but i cant find any cheaper than that.
  3. Hey LMG, im sure you guys have probably had lots of convo's with prusa himself and a bunch of other makers about these kinds of things, so im hoping not to be an extra voice yelling in your ears. Currently I dug my prusa i3 mk2s out of retirement in order to assist my local washington state hospitals with a group of other makers, but that's beside the point. We are currently 3d printing lots of face mask clips: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4227132/files As one of our bottlenecks was number of printers in our group, (one of our teammates has about 6-7 makerbot 3d printers but they are unbearably slow), i decided to try and speed up my own printer. I decided to install a .8mm nozzle instead of the .4mm nozzle that comes default on prusa 3d printers. This means that potentially 4x the material can come through the nozzle, but in practice, it usually halves the 3d printing time. I would recommend picking up a few .6mm nozzles to play with them, as the prusa slicer software comes preinstalled with profiles for .6mm printing, while i had to tinker with my printer to make a .8mm profile successful. The installation of a new nozzle takes under five minutes and a genuine e3d brass nozzle is $5 and there are tons of knock offs which perform virtually the same available for much cheaper. Some great documentation about nozzle sizes in fdm 3d printing: http://projects.ttlexceeded.com/3dprinting_nozzle_sizes.html Here is a prusa video explaining pros and cons of nozzle sizes: Here is a video explaining how to replace a nozzle on a prusa: I read through the general forum rules, and i didnt find another section in the forum to comment on videos like this. Apologies if this breaks a forum rule that i missed or if this is in the wrong section of the forum.