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  1. I did not. I'm currently not cold booting anymore. If I only let it go to sleep, I have 0 issues. I'll let bioses mature and then I'll see what I'll do. RMA and wait or swap to other vendor.
  2. Someone with a similar issue with his Aorus Ultra told me to set all XMP settings manually and turn XMP off. Set the DRAM voltage and DRAM multiplier. Unfortunately it's still giving me problems.
  3. It's a completely new build. My previous build is very outdated. I only know people with budget builds with 2200g and 2600 with motherboards that haven't been updated for Ryzen 3000. It's something that I could try. I would not suspect the CPU myself to be honest. I'm curious why you would think that would be the first to test ?
  4. My system: Motherboard: X570 Aorus Pro CPU: Ryzen 7 3700X Try #1 Memory: Crucial Ballistic 3200C16 2x8GB Try #2 Memory: Corsair 3000C16 2x4GB PSU: Corsair RMx750 GPU: Asus 970 Strix Problem: Cold booting the system after I return from work results in the system getting stuck during POST and displaying a red DRAM led with ocassionally lightning up the CPU led. Waiting for several minutes does not do anything. Solution seems to be force shutdown and try again. I sometimes have to try up to 10 times to get through. When I finally get through, the bios has been reset. Manually resetting the bios does not change anything in this cycle. Booting from sleep has same issues. What I've tried: I rma'd my first memory kit and borrowed the second memory kit. Issues persisted. I ran optimized defaults with only selecting XMP. I ran optimized defaults with selecting XMP and manually setting voltage and dram multiplier. I ran DRAM calculator preset. I ran optimized defaults with nothing touched at all. I updated the bios from F3 to F4f to F4h. What's odd: System is rock stable and issueless once in Windows. I've stressed and gamed for hours without any problem.